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#StumpBob: Has any Sportsman racer won in five classes at the same event?

Has there ever been a Sportsman racer who has won the same national event in five different classes? NHRA historian and statistician Bob Frey cannot be stumped!
27 Oct 2022
Bob Frey
Stump Bob

Another good question … and another one that could be considered a “trick” question (as a lot of them seem to be!).

Yes, Dan Fletcher has won in four different classes in Las Vegas, but he has done so at two different events. Fletcher won in three classes (Comp, Super Stock, and Super Comp) at the first Las Vegas race, and he won in three classes (Comp, Super Stock, and Stock) at the fall race in Las Vegas. Added together, that means that Fletcher did, indeed, win in Las Vegas in four different classes — but not at the same event.

As for the others, along that same line of thinking, Jeg Coughlin won in four classes at the JEGS SPORTSnationals, but he did it at three different locations. He won twice in Columbus (Stock and Super Gas), once in Fontana, Calif., (Super Comp), and once in Belle Rose, La., (Top Dragster), giving him a win in four different classes at one event (the SPORTSnationals) even if they were a continent apart. (Plus he doubled at the 2015 Columbus event, winning in both Stock and Super Gas on the same weekend.)

As for those who won four classes at the same event, as you might expect, the list is very small. Scotty Richardson won in Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, and Super Street in Atlanta. Bo Butner won in Pro Stock, Comp, Stock, and Super Gas in Maple Grove. And Gary Stinnett won in Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, and Super Gas in Denver. 

And that, to the best of my knowledge, is the complete list (although, as I often say, I may have missed one … and if I did, I am sure I will hear about it). 

Now that I think about it, any list that includes Coughlin, Fletcher, Richardson, Stinnett, and Butner is a pretty impressive list, any way you look at it.


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