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Ticket Official Information

Official Ticket Policy

NOTICE AND WARNING TO TICKET HOLDER:  By buying or using this ticket you agree to abide by our rules, including everything on nhra.com/tickets-official, and any printed materials or announcements made on site.  Following are highlights of our rules; see nhra.com/tickets-official, for complete rules.

YOU AGREE THAT YOU ASSUME ALL RISKS AND DANGER of property damage, personal injury, death, and all other hazards related in any way to attending this event, anywhere at the facility and at all times before, during or after the races.  Dangers include flying objects, vehicles, other people, conditions at the facility, weather, terrorism, active shooters and any other hazards, foreseen or unforeseen.  You agree that NHRA, track owners and operators, racing participants, sponsors, and each of their respective officers, owners, officials, sponsors, contractors, assignees, permittees, employees, and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury to you and hereby release them from all claims of liability.  Be alert for hazards at all times.

YOU AGREE THAT NHRA, its assignees, licensees or permittees may use your voice, image or likeness in any live or recorded video, photograph, or other transmission, image or reproduction of all or part of the event, and in any programs, videos, publications, advertisements or promotional materials, in all media, anywhere, forever, including without limitation on television, on the internet, on social media and anywhere else.
MINORS:  If you are a parent or guardian accompanying a minor, by allowing the minor to attend the track, you are deemed to have given all of the foregoing grants of rights, releases, and waivers on such minor’s behalf. If you do not wish to or are not authorized to grant such rights, releases, and waivers on behalf of such minor, you should immediately accompany the minor out of the track/venue.

HEALTH DECLARATION AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I am aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and I am choosing to purchase a ticket and attend this EVENT with full knowledge of the pandemic and the risks posed by the disease. I know these risks include without limitation, SERIOUS AILMENTS, PERMANENT DISABILITY and DEATH. I attest and certify that do not now have and in the past 14 days have not suffered from any symptoms of COVID-19 infection including without limitation cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fever; chills; repeated shaking with chills; muscle pain; headache; sore throat; new loss of sense of taste or smell; fatigue or other flu-like symptoms (collectively the "Symptoms"), or been exposed to any person exhibiting such symptoms in the past 14 days. I know that there is a risk of contracting a contagious disease such as COVID-19 through contact with people who attend this EVENT or otherwise, and that that risk cannot be eliminated. I will provide and use my own personal protective equipment and practice social distancing (at least 6 feet from others) and follow other hygiene and infection control methods, as prescribed by the United States Centers for Disease Control or otherwise in effect at the event facility, to protect myself and others from possible infection. I understand and agree that I will not attend the EVENT if I am feeling or experiencing any of the Symptoms and I agree that I will immediately leave the EVENT if I begin to feel or exhibit any of the Symptoms during the EVENT and that I will notify event officials of same. 

NHRA EXCLUSIVELY OWNS ALL RIGHTS to the sights, sounds, results and occurrences of this event, including the right to publicize and to commercially exploit the event and copyrights, trademarks, and rights of publicity.  YOU MAY MAKE ONLY PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE of any of your images or content from this event, such as to post photos and short videos for your own personal social media, but if you post any images or content anywhere that NHRA deems to be against the best interests of the sport of drag racing to have displayed, you agree to take down, and grant consent for NHRA to have taken down, any such content.  Except the personal use allowed above you will not broadcast, webcast, stream or livestream, sell, offer to sell, post , distribute, publish, display, exhibit, broadcast, rebroadcast, upload, livestream or stream any of the sights, sounds, results, scoring-related data, statistics or occurrences at this event by any means whatsoever.  You may not use or authorize others to use any Content for any commercial or promotional purpose, or for or in connection with a media outlet (directly or indirectly). You may not collect, transmit, distribute, publish or sell Content (including any scoring, statistical, competition or other data) for any betting or gambling-related activity.

This ticket is a revocable and limited license that NHRA may end at any time.  No resale on event premises.  No resale over face value.  No refunds or exchanges, including service charge.  Event, date, time and race contents and schedule subject to change.  You consent to reasonable search for alcohol, drugs, weapons and other prohibited items. 

The personal data that any ticket holder or purchaser provides to NHRA or its agents or affiliates will, subject to applicable law, be used, processed, stored, or transferred in accordance with the terms of NHRA’s Privacy Policy, which is available at www.NHRA.com/privacy-policy. NHRA’s Privacy Policy contains specific information as to when, how, and, if applicable, the legal bases for using, collecting, processing, storing, or transferring personal data.

NHRA’s Privacy Policy expressly incorporates the terms and conditions of NHRA’s Terms of Use. To the extent the Terms of Use do not conflict with any terms and conditions provided on this website or on your ticket, the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use govern your purchase, use, or disposition of any NHRA event ticket and of the provision of any Services (as defined by the Terms of Use) provided by or on behalf of NHRA. Provisions from the Terms of Use applicable to Services, including the purchase and use of event tickets and your attendance at ticketed events include but are not limited to the provisions concerning governing law, dispute resolution, disclaimer, limitations of liability, and indemnification. To the extent the Terms of Use conflict with any terms and conditions provided on the website or your ticket, the terms on the website or your ticket control. 

Ticket Exchange Policy


Rain Policy/Ticket Exchange Policy:
TIME TRIALS (typically run on Wednesday and Thursday):
There will be no compensation regardless of weather conditions.
If Pro nitro qualifying is rained out, customer will be entitled to 100 percent credit*.
Following the completion of one (1) round of Pro nitro qualifying, no compensation.
A total rainout (No Pro Nitro Rounds ran) -- customer is entitled to 100 percent credit*.
Following the completion of one round of Pro nitro eliminations, customer will be entitled to 50 percent credit*.
Following the completion of two rounds of Pro nitro eliminations, no compensation.
Refer to specific event schedules for time trials, qualifying, and eliminations days.
Customer must retain ticket stub to be exchanged at the box office prior to entering.
If a customer cannot attend the rescheduled event, the ticket holder must retain the ticket(s) for use toward ticket purchase for next year's event.  Customer is responsible for any difference due to price increases, account fees, etc. Credit is only valid for the following year’s event.  
All sales are final.  No refunds.  NHRA is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.  Credentials will not be honored.