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Drag Racing Vs.COVID-19: Buffalo Turbine offers its track-drying technology for large-scale disinfection

Long before we’d ever heard the term COVID-19, NHRA partners were poised to fight it with tremendous engineering and manufacturing capabilities
16 Apr 2020
David Kennedy
Buffalo Turbine Spraying United States Capitol

Buffalo Turbine, the official track blower of NHRA, is a critical part of our track-preparation process. Its technology cleans and dries quarter-mile surfaces for racing’s quickest cars. But the same technology used to direct massive amounts of air at the track is also useful to fight harmful viruses.

Buffalo Turbine’s District Disinfector Series of air movers has already been used to aid municipalities and industries in the fight against the Zika and other coronaviruses. Its machines are capable of disinfecting large areas—we’re talking bus stops, streets, sidewalks, building facades, and even stadiums. The sprayers are used to apply disinfectants approved by the Center for Diesel Control (CDC) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

A Supercharger for Disinfectants: Buffalo Turbine’s District Disinfector Series specs read like all good hot rods. These self-contained, engine-driven sprayers can be mounted in the bed of a pickup or towed behind on a trailer. Run and hide COVID-19.

  1.  Turbulent air for complete coverage
  2.  Droplet size range from 50-200 microns
  3.  Horizontal throw of up to 125 ft
  4.  Vertical throw of up to 100 ft
  5.  Adjustable atomizing nozzle flow rate from 0-10 gal./min
  6.  Sprays any compatible disinfectant
  7.  Disinfect large areas with minimum human exposure
  8.  Same technology combated Zika Virus in 2016

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