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Drag Racing Vs.COVID-19: Toyota’s rapid-prototyping facilities helping hospitals

Long before we’d ever heard the term COVID-19, NHRA partners were poised to fight it with tremendous engineering and manufacturing capabilities
16 Apr 2020
David Kennedy

Literally overnight, we saw additive-manufacturing labs (3D printing shops) that make drag racing parts, shift those capacities into making face shield frames. By simply changing software, the same minds that make drag cars go more than 300 mph were mobilized to provide the equipment first responders and medical staff need to save lives.

Toyota, the official car of NHRA, announced in March it would deploy North American facilities to fabricate face shields and collaborate with medical device companies to speed the manufacture of ventilators, respirators, and other vital devices for hospitals.

In addition to the fabricated face shields, Toyota facilities across north America have donated more than $1.4 million to regional charities, more than 16,000 gloves, 4,000 masks, and 1,400 safety glasses to hospitals, emergency management teams, and first responders.

“Toyota’s core value has always been to contribute to society in meaningful ways beyond providing mobility for our customers,” said Ted Ogawa, incoming CEO, of Toyota North America. “With our plants idled and our dealers focused on servicing customers, we are eager to contribute our expertise and know-how in order to help quickly bring to market the medical supplies and equipment needed to combat the COVID crisis. Our message to the medical equipment community is we are here to help, please utilize our expertise.”

If the company you work with has shifted gears to help us all get back on track as soon as possible, let us know at [email protected].