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Bob Tasca III makes test pass (and family history) with Ford's electric Cobra Jet 1400 Mustang at U.S. Nationals

Ford Performance and Bob Tasca III launch the legendary Cobra Jet Mustang into the age of electrification at the 2020 Denso Spark Plugs NHRA U.S. Nationals.
03 Sep 2020
David Kennedy

Joe Castello: And now it is time for the Super Stock class. I'm going to head out into the pits and we're getting ready... Oh no, no.... You know, [Alan] Reinhart's got this bit that he does with Pro Modified cars, where if [the car has a] flat hood and it's loud—ProCharger. Flat hood and quiet—turbocharger. If it's Cobra Jet and no sound—it's electric. 

What is the Cobra Jet 1400? 

Joe Castello: That was pretty awesome. And hey, everybody remembers a couple of years back. We had the electric Camaro out [in Pomona]. Well, Ford Motor Company is trying to step it up and judging by the videos that I've seen all over social media. I am excited to watch this electric Cobra Jet with Bob Tasca driving the machine. 

Joe Castello: Here we go. Turned the tire a little bit. But look at that thing move 1.38-second 60-foot time 3.88-seconds to the 330-foot, and he's off the throttle. The evolution that we have seen with electric full-body drag race cars in the last, what three years has been amazing. There'll be a little demonstration over the course of the weekend of those machines. And I am super excited for it.

How the Cobra Jet Mustang Legend Began

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