NHRA - National Hot Rod Association


2018 National Championships Standings

PositionDriverPointsPoints Behind LeaderVehicle
01 Tanner Gray 27580
02 Jeg Coughlin Jr 2571-187Scag Power Equipment/Outlaw Mile Hi Beer
03 Drew Skillman 2559-199
04 Erica Enders 2525-233JHG/Melling/SCAG
05 Jason Line 2472-286
06 Vincent Nobile 2452-306
07 Greg Anderson 2418-340HendrickCars.com
08 Bo Butner III 2379-379Johnson's Horsepowered Garage
09 Deric Kramer 2268-490Get Biofuel
10 Chris McGaha 2184-574Harlow Sammons Racing
11 Alex Laughlin 991-1767
12 Matt Hartford 859-1899GETTRX/Total Seal
13 Alan Prusiensky 680-2078ARC Race Engines
14 Kenny Delco 533-2225KD Racing/Artisan Coffee Co.
15 Fernando Cuadra Sr 431-2327Cuadra/Corral Boots/Columbia Impex
16 Val Smeland 380-2378KD Racing/Artisan Coffee Co.
17 John Gaydosh Jr 327-2431
18 Steve Graham 281-2477Vita C Shot/Taco Bravo
19 Baron Stroupe 227-2531
20 Joey Grose 190-2568Trust Me Vodka
21 Mark Hogan 154-2604
22 Tim Freeman 83-2675
23 Shane Gray 81-2677
24 Charlie Westcott Jr 77-2681
25 Tommy Lee 72-2686
26 David River 62-2696
27 William Hatcher III 57-2701
28 Shane Tucker 56-2702ur pay
29 Rodger Brogdon 52-2706RoofTec/Owens Corning
30 Richard Freeman 51-2707
31 Mark Perkinson II 32-2726
32 Dave Connolly 32-2726
33 Tom Huggins 25-2733
34 Robert River 20-2738




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