NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

How Points Are Earned

NOTE: All points are updated and kept current per the latest event in the NHRA schedule.

All points are awarded to the racer and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Points are not transferable from one -category to another.

If an event is postponed for any reason prior to the start of -eliminations for that category, it is necessary that any vehicle and racer still eligible for event competition be in attendance and -participate at the rescheduled date to be eligible for all points and cash awards based on eliminator racing. Racers not returning will NOT have the event charged to their quota. If an alternate racer is inserted into a race under these circumstances, he or she will receive full points and awards. Points and awards are based on a round-loss basis, not simply on qualifying.

If an event is disrupted and rescheduled due to weather or other conditions after eliminations of that category are in progress, -contestants unable to return will be awarded points up to the round completed before postponement.

If any portion of an event is completely rescheduled for any reason, qualified NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series -contestants unable to return will be granted an automatic -withdrawal — earning no points — and the event will not be charged to their event quota. If a contestant does not wish to be withdrawn from the postponed event and desires to receive points earned up until the point of cancellation, contestant must contact the event division director or NHRA Competition Department. If eliminations were in progress at the time of postponement, a winning contestant in a non-Professional category unable to return will receive round money (and points if requested) as if the contestant had lost in the first round contested at the resumed event (regardless of actual round number). A winning contestant in a Professional category unable to return will receive round money (and points) as if the contestant had lost in the prior round.

If an alternate racer is inserted into a race under these circumstances, the alternate will receive full round points and round money.

Non-qualifiers in Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Comp, Super Stock, and Stock will receive 10 points -regardless of whether an event is postponed and -rescheduled. Withdrawal policy does not apply.

Points are awarded in the chronological order a contestant -completes each event. For example, if event A is postponed until after event B, those contestants still eligible for competition at the rescheduled event will be awarded points for event B prior to event A. Contestants losing in event A prior to postponement will have event A points awarded prior to event B.

Attempts to set low e.t. will not be permitted after -qualifying ends, with the exception of vehicles remaining in category competition. The final run on which a racer is eliminated will be allowed as a low e.t.