NHRA - National Hot Rod Association


Jegs All Stars Points

The JEGS Allstars event will be conducted at a chosen NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series national event each season.  Points will be awarded up to four to six weeks prior to the event (check your local division office for the schedule in your area). JEGS Allstars competition is based on the best five regional and divisional points earned solely within the contestant’s home region or division. Contestants declaring a different home region or division at the beginning of the racing season will receive JEGS Allstars points for the most recently declared home region or division.

At that time, the top two points earners in Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car and the top points earners in each of the remaining categories in each of NHRA’s four regions and seven divisions will be invited to participate in the JEGS Allstars competition. In addition, the JEGS Allstars -champion from the previous year will be invited to -participate to establish eight-car fields in each category of -competition. The JEGS Allstars champion from Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car will automatically assume one of the two positions of the represented region. If the Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car JEGS Allstars champion does not return, the top two points earners will fill the positions. For all remaining categories, in the event the champion is one of the divisional points leaders, he or she will then become the divisional representative. If the defending JEGS Allstars champion becomes the division representative or cannot compete as the blocker for any reason, the blocker position will remain in the champion’s division and will go to the next-highest JEGS Allstars points driver. Example: If the defending JEGS Allstars Competition Eliminator champion is also the division Allstars points leader, he or she will compete as the division representative, and the No. 2 driver in Allstars Competition Eliminator points in that division will go in the blocker position.

The JEGS Allstars team championship will be decided by awarding 100 points for each round won by a regional and divisional -representative. The Allstars champion in Comp, SS, STK, SC, SG, SST, TD, and TS from the previous year will be regarded as a “blocker” only and cannot earn points for his or her team. However, he or she will share in any team rewards. Tiebreaker points will be awarded to eliminator winners (9 points), runners-up (7 points), and semifinalists (5 points). Should a tie still exist, -qualifying points will be used (8 points for No. 1; 7 points for No. 2; etc.). Pairings will be determined from the regular Route 66 NHRA Nationals qualifying in Chicago or from specific time-trial sessions prior to the JEGS Allstars competition.

Alternates for regional and divisional leaders will be taken from respective regional and divisional points standings. If the points leader in a given division cannot attend, No. 2 is invited, and so on until the position is filled.

Any vehicle used by a JEGS Allstars contestant in Allstars competition may only be driven by that contestant during the national event where Allstars are run.