NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

May '21

NGK NTK NHRA Four-Wide Nationals


FRIDAY - May 14, 2021

Complete Racing Schedule

Sportsman Qualifying9:00 AM
Midway Opens1:00 PM
Top Alcohol Qualifying Sessions2:00 PM
Sportsman Eliminations2:45 PM
Top Fuel Harley Qualifying Session5:30 PM
Top Alcohol Qualifying Sessions5:45 PM
Pro Mod Qualifying Session

6:30 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying Session

7:00 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session 

7:45 PM

SATURDAY - May 15, 2021


Sportsman Eliminations9:00 AM
Midway Opens10:30 AM
Top Fuel Harley Qualifying Session11:45 AM
Top Alcohol Qualifying 12:00 PM
Pro Mod Qualifying Session12:45 PM

Pro Stock Motorcycle Qualifying 

1:15 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session

2:00 PM

Top Alcohol Qualifying

2:45 PM

Top Fuel Harley Qualifying Session4:00 PM
Pro Mod Qualifying4:15 PM

Pro Stock Motorcycle Qualifying

4:45 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session 

5:30 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations - Round 16:15 PM
Sportsman Eliminations7:00 PM

SUNDAY - May 16, 2021


Midway Open/Suggested Time of Arrival10:00 AM

Nitro Eliminations - Round 1

12:00 PM

Pro Stock  Eliminations - Round 1

12:45 PM

Pro Mod Eliminations - Round 11:15 PM
Top Alcohol Eliminations - Round 21:30 PM
Top Fuel Harley Eliminations - Round 11:50 PM
Sportsman Eliminations- Semi-Finals2:00 PM
Nitro Eliminations - Round 22:30 PM
Pro Stock Eliminations - Round 22:45 PM
Pro Mod Eliminations - Round 23:00 PM
Top Fuel Harley Eliminations - Round 23:10 PM
Sportsman Eliminations - Semi-Finals3:15 PM
Top Fuel Harley Eliminations - Finals4:00 PM
Top Alcohol Eliminations - Finals4:05 PM
Pro Mod Eliminations - Finals4:10 PM

Pro Stock Motorcycle Eliminations - Finals

4:15 PM

Nitro Eliminations - Finals

4:20 PM

All times are Eastern Daylight Time *Schedule subject to change* 
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