Mar '19

50th Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals


THURSDAY - March 14, 2019


Sportsman Qualifying

8:00 AM

Sportsman Eliminations 5:30 PM

FRIDAY - March 15, 2019


Sportsman Eliminations

8:00 AM

Top Alcohol Qualifying 10:45 AM
Midway Opens 10:45 AM
Pro Stock Motorcycle Autograph Session - at the NHRA display 11:45 AM
Factory Stock Showdown Qualifying 11:45 AM
Top Fuel Harley Qualifying 12:00 PM
Pro Mod Qualifying 12:30 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying  (PSM-PSC)

1:15 PM

Unfinished Business

2:00 PM

Funny Car Qualifying 

2:15 PM

Top Fuel Qualifying 

2:45 PM

Top Fuel Harley Qualifying 

3:30 PM

Factory Stock Showdown Qualifying 3:50 PM
Pro Mod Qualifying  4:00 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying  (PSM-PSC)

5:00 PM

Funny Car Qualifying

5:45 PM

Top Fuel Qualifying

6:15 PM

Top Alcohol Qualifying 7:00 PM

SATURDAY - March 16, 2019


Sportsman Eliminations

8:00 AM

Midway Opens 9:15 AM

Top Alcohol Qualifying  (TAFC-TAD)

9:30 AM

Nitro School - with Alan Reinhart and Rob Wedlund 10:00 AM
Factory Stock Showdown Qualifying 10:30 AM
Mello Yello Autograph Session - at the Mello Yello display 10:45 AM

Top Fuel Harley Qualifying

10:45 AM

Pro Mod Qualifying

11:15 AM

Pro Stock Qualifying  (PSM-PSC)

12:00 PM

Unfinished Business 12:45 PM

Funny Car Qualifying Session

1:00 PM

Top Fuel Qualifying Session

1:30 PM

Top Fuel Harley Qualifying 

2:15 PM

Factory Stock Showdown  (Round 1)

2:30 PM

Pro Mod Qualifying 2:50 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying  (PSM-PSC)

3:30 PM

Funny Car Qualifying

4:15 PM

Top Fuel Qualifying

4:45 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations  (Round 1) 5:30 PM

SUNDAY - MARCH 17, 2019


Midway Opens 9:00 AM
Mello Yello Guided Walking Tour - starts at the Mello Yello display 9:00 AM
NHRA Today / Darrell Gwynn SealMaster Trackwalk - Join us in walking the track at Gainesville Raceway with our guests from the Darrell Gwynn Quality of Life Chapter. Proceeds from the track walk benefit the Darrell Gwynn Quality of Life Chapter at The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis / Pre Race Ceremonies - Join us at the starting line! 9:45 -11:00 AM

Nitro Eliminations  (Round 1)

11:00 AM

Pro Stock Eliminations  (Round 1)

12:00 PM

Unfinished Business  (Finals) 12:30 PM

Pro Mod Eliminations  (Round 1)

12:35 PM

Factory Stock Showdown  (Round 2) 12:50 PM

Top Fuel Harley Eliminations  (Round 1)

12:55 PM

Nitro Eliminations  (Round 2)

1:15 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations  (Round 2)

1:45 PM

Pro Mod Eliminations  (Round 2) 2:00 PM
Factory Stock Showdown  (Semi-Finals) 2:10 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations  (Semi-Finals)

2:15 PM

Sportsman Eliminations  (Semi-Finals)

2:30 PM

Top Fuel Harley  (Semi-Finals) 2:45 PM

Nitro Eliminations  (Semi-Finals)

3:00 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations  (Semi-Finals)

3:15 PM

Pro Mod Eliminations  (Semi-Finals) 3:20 PM

Sportsman Eliminations  (Finals)

3:30 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations  (Finals)

3:40 PM

Factory Stock Showdown  (Finals)

3:45 PM

Top Fuel Harley Eliminations  (Finals) 3:50 PM
Pro Mod Eliminations  (Finals) 4:30 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations   (Finals)

4:35 PM

Nitro Eliminations  (Finals)

4:40 PM

Winner's Circle On the Starting Line
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The traditional East Coast opener and the season’s first of 16 races for Pro Stock Motorcycle is one of the sport’s most revered. The Gatornationals has NOW entertained fans for FIVE decades! 



TV Schedule
Friday, March 15, 2019 Friday Night Nitro Live 11:30pm - 12:30am ET FS1 ORIGINAL
Saturday, March 16, 2019 Saturday Nitro Live 9:00pm - 10:00pm ET FS1 ORIGINAL
Sunday, March 17, 2019 Finals 7:30pm - 10:30pm ET FS1 ORIGINAL