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See it for yourself! Record-breaking electric dragster at Flav-R-Pac NHRA Northwest Nationals

NHRA drag strips have always been a proving ground for new technologies looking to apply horsepower and prove themselves to the world.
27 Jul 2022
David Kennedy
Steve Huff Electric Dragster

Horsepower takes many forms. Drag racing doesn’t care about how horsepower is produced, it cares about how much is made, and how quickly it can be applied. New technology from Detroit and automakers around the globe have always influenced the powerplants racers choose. V-8 engines, jet engines, supercharged engines, rockets, fuel injection, exotic fuels, turbochargers, diesels, and electric motors have all been tested on NHRA tracks. Racers take production parts and ideas, and massage and modify them for faster and faster speeds. Drag racing evolves horsepower faster than any other motorsport and weaponizes automotive technology for maximum acceleration while still connecting to its production car roots.

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But then there are the vehicles and drivetrains that are designed to show what’s possible with a little connection to what's driven on city streets. These maximum-effort cars are built by passionate racers looking to prove something they believe in using a quarter-mile stage for the world to witness. This weekend at the Flav-R-Pac NHRA Northwest Nationals Steve Huff will display and run one of those cars during a Pep Boys Electric Vehicle Service exhibition pass. 

The Specs:

  • 240-inch wheelbase SFI-certified 6.0-second dragster chassis
  • Purpose-built lithium polymer battery
  • 800 volts
  • 1.6 million watts
  • 2,000 amps
  • Two custom-wound axial-flux dual-stack motors
  • Four Cascadia Motion 250R controllers and inverters
  • AEM Performance Electronics Vehicle Control Unit
  • e-Spec Racecars Custom Chassis
  • 2010 pounds with driver
  • 2400 hp
  • 2000 lb-ft of torque
  • Best ET 7.47sec
  • Best MPH 201.37
  • World’s first 200-mph electric drag car

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The last time we saw the Huff Current Technologies dragster, now rebranded the Faster than Cancer dragster, Don Garlits assisted Huff into the staging beams for a Pep Boys Electric Vehicle Service exhibition pass at the 2022 Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. The weather at the Gators was unusually cool, which hindered the electric dragster's performance 

This weekend Huff looks to improve on the car’s 200-mph trap speed in front of a home-town crowd, as Huff’s shop is in SeaTac, Wash., and the weather conditions look extremely favorable for electric cars. Fans in the stands could very well witness automotive and motorsport history be made!