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NHRA Safety Safari: One of Wally Parks' key contributions to drag racing

For nearly 70 years, the NHRA Safety Safari presented by Simpson has made the National Hot Rod Association the premiere place to drag race.
22 Sep 2022
Posted by NHRA.com staff

Wally Parks knew that in order for drag racing to grow to its full potential, it would have to be sustainable.  Race tracks would need to be consistent in their processes and preparation, the staff that ran the events would have to be professional, and the first responders called in to help racers in their time of need had to know what they were doing—hence the NHRA Safety Safari was born.

The NHRA Safety Safari has a long, dedicated, and storied history. The team that would become known as NHRA’s first responders, has performed some of the toughest and most important jobs at every national event, and the NHRA Safety Safari relies on Simpson safety equipment to protect them while they do their job.