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Happy Mother’s Day

We’d like to thank all our mothers. Without women like them, kids like us wouldn’t have grown up to love cars, wrenching, and racing.
10 May 2020
Posted by NHRA.com staff
Happy Mother's Day

Without mothers like ours we wouldn’t have learned the lessons of independence and perfection that engines wrapped in steel and riding on four wheels can teach us. Without mothers like ours there would be no winner’s circles to stand in, and no one to celebrate our victories with. Without mothers like ours we wouldn't understand the true meaning of success—and how important it is to pass that lesson on to our kids. On Mother’s Day, and every day, we want to thank all of the mothers who have made the NHRA what it is today.

Thank you to the mothers who gave us our first set of sockets, wrenches, or screwdrivers.

Thank you to the mothers who helped us buy our first race car.

Thank you to the mothers who taught us about long-term commitments and giving us the strength to finish the work needed to get to the race.

Thank you to the mothers who took us to our first dragstrip and covered our ears when the open headers were too much.

Thank you to the mothers who entrusted us with the keys to their pride and joy, and being the only person we can trust with the keys to every vehicle we own.

To all of the moms reading this, thank you for all of your love and horsepower. We are eternally grateful for the lessons you’ve shared with us.

Happy Mother’s Day.