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Ed "The Outlaw" Jones Stagecoach wheelstander put on a show at the NHRA Finals

Ed "The Outlaw" Jones Stagecoach wheelstander has been a West Coast dragstrip icon for decades. He put on a show at the 2020 Dodge NHRA Finals Presented by Pennzoil at The Strip in Las Vegas.
08 Nov 2020
Posted by NHRA.com staff

NHRA on FOX's Brian Lohnes announces from the 2020 Dodge NHRA Finals presented by Pennzoil.

Brian Lohnes: It is Ed "The Outlaw" Jones coming out on the race track right now. The Jelly Belly Stagecoach wheelstander, this vehicle has been a staple at drag strips for decades. And Ed Jones, you can see him in the center of this thing, wheelstanders have been part of the drag racing landscape since the mid-1960s with a car called the Hurst Hemi Under Glass, which was a Barracuda that they took the engine and stuck it in the back. The design of these cars has ranged from stock-appearing to this Stagecoach.

Tony, I know you saw this thing as a kid out here in the Western part of the country.

Tony Pedregon: I'm not gonna lie. I did. The best thing about it was the candy that they had out at the races.

Brian Lohnes: He is sponsored by Jelly Belly jelly beans, and he has huge bags of them. Normally he tosses them up to the crowd. Now in the COVID-19 era, I'm not sure you could be throwing candy at the crowds these days, but Ed Jones is going to come out here and have a fantastic show for the crowd, throwing the fire out of that supercharged, big-block Chevy, as he's popping wheelies out here. Some wheelstanders are known for the fact that they can run the quarter-mile in single digits on the rear tires, Ed Jones’ is known for its unique design. You can see the opening in the front. That's how he looks down the racetrack when he's got that thing up on its hind legs.

So very cool, Ed Jones an absolute standard of drag racing, especially if you're a fan from the West coast.