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Gainesville Pro Stock Saturday results: Q4

Rodger Brogdon locked up his second pole in three races; Matt Hartford (pictured) also impressed in the final Pro Stock qualifying session.
16 Mar 2019
NHRA National Dragster staff
Race coverage

With a pair of 6.4-second runs, Rodger Brogdon earned the top spot in Pro Stock for the second time in three races this season and the third time in his career. In front of a packed house, Brogdon ran 6.490 and 6.498 in his Elite Performance-powered Camaro to earn the top spot in the in the field ahead of four-time world champ Greg Anderson, who also found the 6.4s with a 6.494 in his Summit Camaro.

The final qualifying session produced a significant improvement for several Pro Stock racers including Matt Hartford, who moved to the third spot with a 6.509 in his Speed Pro Camaro. Hartford was the No. 4 qualifier at the most recent event in Phoenix and reached the final round before fouling against Jeg Coughlin Jr. The top half of the field is separated by less than three-hundredths of a second.

Sunday’s opening round will feature several interesting match-ups including a battle between native Texans Chris McGaha and two-time world champ Erica Enders. Alex Laughlin will also be paired against Jason Line. They last raced in Pomona with Laughlin winning a close 6.527 to 6.527 contest.

First round pairings (lane choice first): Rodger Brogdon vs. Wally Stroupe; Greg Anderson vs. Alan Prusiensky; Matt Hartford vs. Shane Tucker; Deric Kramer vs. Val Smeland; Bo Butner vs. Fernando Cuadra; Jeg Coughlin Jr. vs. Kenny Delco; Alex Laughlin vs. Jason Line; Chris McGaha vs. Erica Enders.

Qualifying order after Q4:

1 Rodger Brogdon 6.490
2 Greg Anderson 6.494
3 Matt Hartford 6.508
4 Deric Kramer 6.509
5 Bo Butner  6.511
6 Jeg Coughlin Jr 6.514
7 Alex Laughlin 6.515
8 Chris McGaha 6.516
9 Erica Enders 6.518
10 Jason Line 6.534
11 Kenny Delco 6.538
12 Fernando Cuadra 6.542
13 Val Smeland 6.571
14 Shane Tucker 6.620
15 Alan Prusiensky 6.644
16 Wally Stroupe 6.675
17 Jeff Isbell 6.683

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