NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

It's ready!

28 Jun 2011
Phil Burgess, NHRA National Dragster Editor

red3.jpgJust a real quick hit this morning while I try to dig myself out from the chaos that is my desk anytime that I travel to a national event. We didn’t get back into SoCal from our trip to Norwalk until late yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to drop by the office and take care of biz like I usually try to do, but I was super thrilled to find in my Inbox the great photos at right, sent from Skip Allum at Don Prudhomme Racing.

As you can see, not only is the “Mongoose” ramp truck completed, but “Snake” and crew also got the blue Duster painted a matching red to complete his set. Man, plop these cars into the OCIR pit area, and you’d swear it was 1970 all over again.

There are some great photos, including a classic re-creation of the August 1970 Hot Rod magazine cover in which the car, body, and ramp truck are laid out separately. It's photo five in the array, and the Prudhomme team did a great job of matching the cover, even throwing in a period Lions Drag Strip jacket for authenticity. Skip, who says the restaging was Prudhomme's idea. Pretty cool idea!

red1.jpgI can’t wait to see the new additions in person, and them with the matching bookend that is Prudhomme’s yellow truck and 'Cuda. The last time I saw the red truck in person, it was still a pale yellow and nowhere near complete, but I’ve seen the great level of detail that went into the Prudhomme truck and have no doubts that its brother will be equally exquisite.

No public debut has been announced for the newest addition to Prudhomme’s retro fleet, but wherever it shows up, you know it will draw a crowd.