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Tom Bailey vs. Rod Tschiggfrie: NHRA Street Car Shootout at the 2021 Gatornationals—Round 1

A pair of 5-second street cars match race at the 2021 AMALIE Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. License plates, trailer hitches, and 250-mph trap speeds!
12 Mar 2021
David Kennedy
Race coverage

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Bailey's and Tschiggfrie's cars both made test passes earlier in the week. The two twin-turbo machines each ran strong and within a hundredth of one another. But in round one on Friday, both cars had issues staying hooked. Bailey pedaled his Camaro early as the car had more power than it could put to the ground, saying "we added timing we thought the car could take but had we left it where it was yesterday it would’ve run great."

Bailey has a few repairs to the car before Saturday's run, as the car cracked the wheelie-bar support when the tires shook.  

Tschiggfrie's Olds 442 also had more power than traction, and his driver had to back off the throttle at nearly the same time as Bailey. "When the power came back in," said Tschiggfrie, "the chassis was disrupted by the gearshift and converter lock-up that came at almost the same time, loading the engine and causing a burst panel in the intake to blow."

By the time we spoke to Tschiggfrie the car had already been repaired in preparation for tomorrow. 

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