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A very special NHRA Insider Podcast: Connie Kalitta Wide Open

Connie Kalitta is a man of big actions but a man of few words. That’s just one reason why this one-hour conversation with the man that covers everything from his drag racing history to business is so unique and special.
09 Apr 2020
Brian Lohnes, NHRA on FOX announcer
NHRA Insider podcast

Connie Kalitta is a man of big actions but in-public he is mostly a man of few words. That’s why this episode of the NHRA Insider podcast is so unique and special. You are going to listen to a one-hour conversation with Connie Kalitta that covers everything from drag racing history and making the Ford Cammer engine run on nitromethane to business and the story of how he took one small plane and turned it into one of the largest private aviation empires on the planet.

Through it all there is laughter, there is seriousness, and there is the story of an American original who in many ways is the heart and soul of the sport of drag racing.

This audio was captured in 2018 by host Brian Lohnes who did the sit down with Kalitta for a planned print magazine story that never materialized on the newsstand. Lohnes kept the audio and with the advent of the NHRA Insider Podcast it has now been released in its entirety. 

This is an amazingly rare and comprehensive look into the life and times of a drag racer nearly without parallel in the annals of the sport, Connie Kalitta. 

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