Brittany Force answers questions about Winternationals crash

Defending Top Fuel champion Brittany Force discussed her crash at the season-opening Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals presented by
21 Feb 2018
Posted by staff
Brittany Force

Reigning NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel champ Brittany Force was involved in an accident during the first round of eliminations at the season-opening Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals presented by In this Q&A supplied by John Force Racing, she addresses some questions about the incident.

How are you feeling and what has your recovery been like?
I got banged up pretty good but I’m getting better each day. I’m anxious to get back in my race car. I’ve been taking it easy and resting up at home. There’s not much else for me to do. It’s all just a matter of time. 

Your family is very close knit; can you talk about the support you have gotten from them? 
My family has been really supportive through this whole process. They were right there with me in the hospital. I’ve had a full house for the past week being checked up on by my parents, my sisters, my nephews, my niece, my friends and my boyfriend. My team has been calling and texting around the clock making sure I’m OK. Really, all the people close to me have been there for me. 

brittanyforce.jpgWould like to say anything to your fans?
Thank you to all my fans and NHRA family for sending thoughts and prayers. I received all of your flowers and cards and I appreciate all your support on social media. I’m so blessed to be in a sport where fans are so loyal. Thank you again to the greatest fans on Earth. 

Have you also heard from your competitors?
I’ve always said drag racing truly is the greatest sport. For the past week I’ve had so many of my competitors reach out to me as well. Thank you to all of them. I look forward to getting back out there with you. 

Just an hour before making the run where you had the accident, you received your 2017 Top Fuel championship ring and jacket, what does that mean to you?
Honestly that whole day is kind of a blur. But standing on that stage at driver introductions and receiving my championship ring and jacket was something that I had been looking forward to. Seeing that championship ring only gives me and my team more motivation going into the rest of the season. It proves that we did it once and we’re going to fight to do it again. 

What do you remember about that run?
I don’t remember any of the crash. The last thing I remember is staging the car. The next piece I remember is the Safety Safari helping me out of the car. I remember looking down at this mangled mess and thinking someone had wrecked. Then I realized the mess was my car. After that I remember bits and pieces but I do remember my whole family in the hospital with me. My first question was what happened. My next question was what about Terry Haddock in the lane next to me. 

Have you watched the incident?
I watched part of the crash on my sister’s phone and it was much worse than I expected. My biggest concern is being trapped in the car while it’s on fire. So, after seeing in the video that the car tipped over and caught on fire, I made the decision not to watch it again until getting back in the car and making some runs. I don’t need those images in my head before making another pass. 

After just escaping with minor injuries, talk about the safety of your dragster. 
For how horrific that crash was, the fact that I came out of it just a little banged up is incredible. That just shows the safety that we put in these cars. I have to thank Don Schumacher Racing for the design of the canopy and thank you Simpson for all your gear that kept me safe.