Mid-season slump

21 Jun 2017
Amanda Matusek
On the Run: Aeromotive Racing
Steve Matusek

The Danny Rowe Racing (DRR) team, consisting of Danny Rowe, Steve Matusek, and Jimmy Rector as crew chief, are in a mid-season slump. 

Steve MatusekWe started the season with a lot of momentum and optimism, but challenging tracks and atmospheric conditions have proven tricky, not just for DRR, but for all blown teams. On top of that, Steve has faced some medical issues involving a recurring inflamed Achilles tendon in his clutch foot. This stems from a previous surgical repair that happened a few years ago. 

DRR has also been testing new suspension components on the ‘vette to make it better, which has proved to be somewhat difficult to get around. However, the team remains optimistic because, like a bow-and-arrow, sometimes you need to be pulled back in order to rocket forward.

Steve Matusek“This season has certainly given us our share of highs and lows,” Steve told me the other day.

On the NHRA Pro Mod tour, Norwalk is the closest to my home town of Pittsburgh, Pa. Lori (Matusek, Steve’s wife) and I are looking forward to seeing some old friends and we are eager to introduce them to a new friend, “Wally,” who we’re hoping will join us Sunday afternoon.

A few small setbacks will not deter the DRR team. We will continue to move onward and upward, and we refuse to be anything but the fiercest of competitors for every single one of the Pro Mod entries.