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Power Rankings

Power Rankings include six key categories to measure drag racing performance, including elapsed time, reaction time, top speed, incremental times, success rate and red light fouls. These statistics are weighted against class averages to produce race-by-race ratings.

    Elapsed time: Average of a racer's elapsed times. All runs within the top 60 percent of the category are included. 

    Reaction time: Average of a racer's reaction times. All lights quicker than .200 are included. 

    Top speed: Average of a racer's speed. All runs faster than 300 mph in nitro classes, 200 in Pro Stock and 180 in Pro Stock Motorcycle are included. 

    Incremental times: The average of a racer's incremental times (60-foot being one of those increments). 

    Success rate: How often a racer gets to the track quicker than the class average. The class average is based on the best 60 percent of runs because drag racing is always a moving-target sport. 

    Red lights: Leaving before green. We want you to Go On Yello... not red.  

    You can see all 15 statistics that make up Power Rankings here. Below are the top 10 racers from the 2019 season. 
    Last update: August 6, 2019. Next update: August 20, 2019.

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    The 15 stats included in Power Rankings are:

    • Elapsed time average
    • Elimination elapsed time average
    • Success rate
    • Elimination success rate
    • Number of successful runs
    • Number of successful runs during eliminations
    • Reaction time average
    • Red lights
    • Total number of lights
    • Red light percentage
    • Average time from 0-60 feet
    • Average time from 60-330 feet
    • Average time from 330-660 feet
    • Average time from 660-1000/1320 feet (depending on category)
    • Average mph