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NHRA Insider podcast: High Performers Justin Ashley and Matt Smith

Matt Smith and Justin Ashley joined host Brian Lohnes on the NHRA Insider podcast to talk about recent developments in the class and within their own teams.
10 May 2022
Posted by NHRA.com staff
NHRA Insider podcast


This episode of the NHRA Insider brings two of the NHRA high performers together for a discussion about Pro Stock Motorcycle and Top Fuel, not just in 2022 but over the last few seasons. The stories of Matt Smith and Justin Ashley are decidedly different in 2022, but their end goal remains the same: a world championship. 

Smith talks about the recent NHRA rules changes In Pro Stock Motorcycle, performance in the class, parity, riders on the rise, and how his own program is evolving with Angie, Matt, and the Scrappers Racing motorcycles as well. He talks about the recent war of words and performance with Steve Johnson and what he sees as good for the class and not so good for the class when it comes to rivalries. 

Ashley is all about winning, growth, and forward advancement in Top Fuel. The discussion ranges from his strong start in 2022 and the subtle changes in his team and program over the last few seasons. Why is this all working? Who's bringing the most to the table? How's his team playing the long game of parts, performance, and sustained success in 2022? He talks about all of it here. 

Two very different racers, both chasing top-level success in NHRA Camping World Drag Racing.