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Pomona Pro Stock Saturday Results: Q4

Rodger Brogdon secured his second-ever No. 1 qualifier on the back of his pass from the third qualifying session at the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals.
09 Feb 2019
NHRA National Dragster staff
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Rodger Brogdon

Rodger Brogdon secured his second-ever No. 1 qualifier and his first since 2011 by standing on his run from the third qualifying session, a 6.522. His fourth-session run was his worst of the weekend, a 6.563, but it was representative of the session as most racers slowed due to relatively warm conditions (an 83* racetrack is warm in Pomona in February). 

He gets to race Val Smeland in the first round, and Elite Motorsports teammates Erica Enders and Jeg Coughlin Jr. also finished in the top four. They’re separated by just over .02-second, and the whole class is separated by .04-second from Brogdon to Smeland. Joey Grose and Shane Tucker failed to make the field with 6.685 and 6.715 passes. 

First-round matchups: Rodger Brogdon vs. Val Smeland; Erica Enders vs. Jeff Isbell; Bo Butner vs. Alan Prusiensky; Jeg Coughlin Jr. vs. Steve Graham; Deric Kramer vs. Fernando Cuadra; Jason Line vs. Chris McGaha; Jason Line vs. Matt Hartford; Kenny Delco vs. Alex Laughlin

Final Qualifying Order: 

1Rodger Brogdon6.522
2Erica Enders6.528
3Bo Butner6.53
4Jeg Coughlin Jr.6.544
5Deric Kramer6.546
6Jason Line6.547
7Greg Anderson6.553
8Kenny Delco6.554
9Alex Laughlin6.555
10Matt Hartford6.56
11Chris McGaha6.563
12Fernando Cuadra6.58
13Steve Graham6.623
14Alan Prusiensky6.648
15Jeffrey Isbell6.664
16Val Smeland6.669
17Joey Grose6.685
18Shane Tucker6.715