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As a "participant" and/or NHRA member you are provided  with certain insurance benefits at NHRA member tracks. If you are a member of NHRA you have a higher level of benefits. Highlights of those benefits are as follows:




A. Non-Member Benefits:


1. $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment


2. $5,000 Excess* Medical Benefits


3. $100 Per Week Disability Payments up to 52 Weeks


B. Member Benefits:


1. Accidental Death Benefit Limit

a)     Standard Member  Track Event and Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series/Designated Contracted Event: $10,000

b)    National Event: $15,000

2. Accidental Dismemberment Benefit Limit

a)     Standard Member  Track Event, Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series/Designated Contracted Event and NationaEvent: $50,000


3. Excess* Medical Benefit Limit

a)     Standard Member  Track Event, Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series/Designated Contracted Event and NationaEvent: $575,000


b)    Alternate Sanctioning Organization (ASO) Event: $560,000


4. Total Disability Benefit Limit


a)     Standard Member  Track Event and Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series/Designated Contracted Event: $100 per week up to 52 weeks with a 7-day waiting period


b)    National Event and all events at NHRA Owned Tracks: $400.00 per week up to 52 weeks with a 28-day waiting period


* Excess over any other insurance or self-insurance, federal, state or other governmental plan.





NHRA Membership is determined solely by the membership records of NHRA. In the event an NHRA Member Participant (as defined in the policy) is accidentally injured  at a covered NHRA Member  Track event** or at a covered event** as indicated above, the previously  described coverages would be in effect for eligible medicaexpenses in the following order, and as applicable:


1.   Any other medical coverage available to a participant applies up to the limits of that policy or plan.


2.   The NHRA Member  Excess Medical Benefit responds as indicated above.


The Participant Accident policy for National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is an Excess Policy, which means thacoverage is not available until all other insurance, self-insurance, or governmental plans available to the participant are exhausted.


** A covered NHRA Member  Track event or a covered event is defined  as an event for which an insurance premium has been paid.

   Any medical benefits paid to a non-participant NHRA member are subject to a $20,000 deductible. Coverage pays Reasonable Expenses for Medical or Dental care if:

       athe first expense is incurred  within 60 days after the accident; and

       b.   the expense is incurred  within 3 years after the accident.



Reasonable Expenses means expenses which do not exceed those generally charged for similar Medical oDental Care in the local area where treatment is rendered.


Medical or Dental care means the necessary medical, dental or surgical treatment, services or supplies, hospital, nursing and ambulance services. All Medical or Dental Care must be provided  by a legally qualified  physician odentist for the sole purpose of treating the injury. All coverages are subject to specific limitations and exclusions.


If you have general questions regarding Participant Accident coverages, you may contact Ms. Trendolyn  Walters at Safehold Special Risk, P.O. Box 218060, Houston, TX 77218-8060. Ms. Walters can be reached at: (281) 667-0707 or email her at trendolyn.walters@safehold.com. You may also contact Ms. Walters if you have any questions regarding the NHRA Member  coverage or if youve been injured  and have questions regarding your claim. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining insurance information from  the track, please contact Cheryn Schreiber at (281) 667-0701, or email her at  cheryn.schreiber@safehold.com.




Commercial General Liability insurance is in effect for all covered NHRA drag racing events that are conducted at NHRA member tracks and for which a premium has been paid to the insurance company. Additional insured coverage is automatically included for race car drivers, their crew, event sponsors, and any person or organization owning or sponsoring  racing vehicles or racing vehicle drivers, in the event of a covered liability claim arising out of the track's operations. The minimum limit of liability insurance in effect is $1,000,000 per

occurrence. The limit of liability in effect at Lucas Oil events and National Events is substantially higher.


If you want to consider purchasing your own Liability coverage that would apply in excess of this coverage, please contact Jennifer Harrison at Safehold Special Risk. Her number is (281) 667-0704. You can also e-mail her at Jen.Harrison@safehold.com.


(Coverage is, at all times, limited to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies. Coverage may  be different outside the United States.)