Hullinger retires from Division 3 post

16 Feb 2017
Posted by staff

Jay HullingerJay Hullinger has retired as North Central Division Director after 30 years of dedicated service to NHRA.

Hullinger, who joined the NHRA in 1987 as just the fourth director of the North Central Division, has been thinking about retirement for some time, and will stay involved to assist the new Division 3 Director Jesse Kershaw to get up to speed on the division’s extensive activities. 

“We thank Jay for his commitment and service to NHRA, and wish him all the best,” said Josh Peterson, NHRA Vice President-Racing Administration. “Jay has led NHRA’s busiest division, helped develop a strong network of member tracks in the region, and has enjoyed many successes. Jay is looking forward to cutting back on the travel involved in being a DD so that he can spend more time with his family. Jay sends his best regards to his many friends at our member tracks and to our racers and sponsors, in D3 and beyond.”