NHRA - National Hot Rod Association


Let's Race

Once you’ve gone through tech inspections, signed a waiver form and found a pit space,  you’re ready to race. Follow your competitors to the staging lanes and you’ll be directed by track officials into the correct lane and make you way up to the Christmas Tree.Christmas Tree

Before you pull up to the Tree, make sure you door is closed, windows are rolled up and your seat belt is on. If the track lights are on, your headlights will need to be on.

When it’s your turn to run, remember that the staging beams are about 40 feet before the Tree. Pull forward slowly until the top yellow blub on the Tree lights up. That means you are “pre-staged.” Then, roll forwards slightly until the second yellow light comes on. That means you are ”staged” and ready to go.

Once you’re staged, the Started will activate the Tree. The lower yellow lights will come on one at a time a half-second apart. Be ready to hit the gas when the last yellow light comes on. By the time you and your car react, the green light will be on. If you happen to red light (meaning you actually do react before the green light) don’t worry. It happens even to the most experienced racers.

Make sure you know where the finish line is before you make your run. When you cross the finish line don’t hit your brakes too hard. Keep going to the opening in the guard rail where you’ll turn off the track. Remember, the driver in the lane next to the turnouts has the right away, don’t cross in front of them. Also, don’t turn around on the track.

After you’ve turned off the track, head to the timing booth and get your time slip. Return to your pit area and look over your slip. If you need help read it, ask a track official or a fellow racer.
  • Some rules can very by track so be sure to check the rules at the track where you’re going to race.