NHRA All Access FAQ

What is NHRA All Access

All Access is NHRA's online video service.  The service includes the following benefits:

  • Live video streaming Friday-Sunday of every 2017 NHRA Mello Yello series event
  • Live audio streaming Thursday-Sunday of every 2017 NHRA Mello Yello series event
  • NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing and J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Racing Series television shows after their original airings
  • Historical NHRA Championship Drag Racing television shows
  • On demand access to previously streamed 2016 and 2017 events
  • Enjoy from any PC, mobile device, or Roku 
  • Subscription valid for one year from date of purchase.

The subscription cost is $99.95.  Weekend passes are available for $14.95 (for most weekends).

What do I need to watch?

You need a minimum of 1.5Mb download Internet speed for our best quality, check at

We support most devices and operating systems: Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® or Linux OS with Adobe® Flash® or tablets including Google® Android™ devices and Apple® iPad® or iPhone® devices will work. We are streaming a lower bitrate feed that works over most 3G and 4G services. Please consult with your local access carrier for rules and regulations. Please be aware that we are not responsible for data connection charges to view the stream on any platform or service.

I have problem accessing the content I previously bought. What can i do?

There are a few options are available:

Option 1: Search your email inbox for "Cleeng receipt". Have a look at your Spam/Junk folder. Once found, click on the link inside the description and re-enter your credential if necessary. Make sure you use the same email address or Facebook/Google access as you did for your initial purchase. It should work!

Option 2: Clear your browser cache. You can find how to do it here. Then follow Option 1.

Option 3: If it still doesn't work, contact Cleeng technical support here to find out if your transaction went through.

Do I need to download anything to view the live stream?

No. Once you have a ticket you have instant access to the Internet video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser. It works on PC, Mac®, tablet or smartphone. But you have to ensure you have a proper broadband connection for video.

What is a Cleeng account?

Cleeng simplifies the access to unique quality content. Using your Facebook, Google or email account, it takes just a few seconds to create a Cleeng account and then purchase access using Visa, MasterCard, Mobile/SMS or PayPal. Cleeng keeps track of the premium content you register for or buy, so you can access it later on any of your devices. Note, Cleeng is not responsible for the organization or production of the event itself.

Is my Credit Card secure?

Yes, fully! Your profile, balance and access information are securely stored on the Cleeng servers. All actual transactions are done on the Cleeng servers using 256bits SSL encryption, and payment processing meets the highest PCI compliance standards.

Is the live stream available on mobile devices?

Yes it is! When you click to register/buy, your mobile browser will open a new window. After you have created your Cleeng account and got/purchased your access, just go back to the site. 
You can connect from your computer, phone or tablet anytime you want to. If you got registered/purchased your ticket before on a different device, simply login with your Cleeng account and again you'll have full access.

Can I watch All Access on my Roku?

Yes you can.  Go to your Roku and search for "NHRA All Access".  You will need to enter your email address associated with your account or transaction ID to access the content.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact Cleeng to assist you at  Cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please review the terms of service.

My payment is rejected, what can i do?

It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, please try to use a different payment method.

The video or stream quality is bad, what can I do?

Check your internet connection then try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the event from another browser and/or device. If the issue continues please check our Twitter for the latest streaming status updates. If there is no mention of any issue, it must be related to your internet connection. Please check it, and be patient. You can also contact technical support here to find out if there are any issues.

Can I watch from different computers or phones at the same time?

Yes, when you registered/purchased on one computer/tablet/phone you can simply use the same credentials to watch on another device. You should bear in mind your access can be restricted when our systems detect abuse. To avoid your account being cut off, don't use more than 2 different devices just before and during the event.

Can I follow NHRA All Access on Twitter?

Yes. Our Twitter handle is @NHRAAllAccess. You can follow us to get service updates, exclusive promotions, and special content, Feel free to communicate with us on Twitter too.

Technical Support

On behalf of NHRA All Access, Cleeng provides support before, during and after the event. Due to high traffic just before and during the event, critical requests will be handled first, so please moderate your questions and only send if very urgent. Please try not to send multiple requests.

I am having trouble streaming live content on my Android device. What can I do?

If you are having issues on an Android device, please download the free FlashFox browser from Google Play Store. If FlashFox browser doesn't work on your device, you can also try the free Puffin browser available here.