Quick Quiz: Are you more like Greg Anderson or Jason Line?

Introducing a new feature on, the Quick Quiz. Don't worry, you can't get any answers wrong in this personality quiz. Just relax, tell the truth and let the computer tell you who you really are.
09 May 2018
NHRA National Dragster staff
Quick Quiz
Jason Line and Greg Anderson

There are two types of NHRA competitors: Jason Lines and Greg Andersons. Tuners and racers. You might know which one you are or just think you know which one you are. Greg Anderson and Jason Line might be teammates and good friends, but the truth is the two are polar opposites when it comes to many things (as made perfectly clear in the recent, and excellent, Walk 1,000 Feet with Amanda Busick). That gave us over at NHRA National Dragster a great idea: a personality quiz for fans, drivers, tuners, and everyone else to figure out which Summit Racing Pro Stock driver they're most like. 

Have at it, and then head to the NHRA Twitter page to give us the results.

Oh, and here's that Walk 1,000 Feet (okay, it's a whole quarter mile in this case) we mentioned: