Jonathon Higgins

  • ClassTS
  • Registration454
  • HometownMulberry , AR
PointsSumTypeEvent code and locationDate
3131OD 46-Tulsa,OK06/12/2022
74105OD 54-Topeka,KS07/29/2022
41146OD 55-Topeka,KS07/31/2022
30176OD 36-St. Louis,MO10/07/2022
30206OD 37-St. Louis,MO10/09/2022
41247NA DT1-Dallas,TX10/16/2022
52299NA PC2-Pomona,CA11/13/2022

Points listed in green background are included in the total.
Points listed in red numbers are not eligible.
Type: HD=Home Div, NA=National Event, OD=Out of Div