Allen Firestone

  • ClassTS
  • Registration4695
  • HometownVelma , OK
PointsSumTypeEvent code and locationDate
300OD 22-Gainesville,FL03/06/2022
8585NA GF1-Gainesville,FL03/13/2022
31116OD 42-Noble,OK03/27/2022
30116OD 43-Houston,TX04/10/2022
52168NA HT1-Houston,TX04/24/2022
53221HD 51-Great Bend,KS05/15/2022
41262HD 53-Denver,CO06/18/2022
95357HD 54-Topeka,KS07/29/2022
30357HD 55-Topeka,KS07/31/2022
30357NA TK1-Topeka,KS08/14/2022
30357NA II1-Indianapolis,IN09/05/2022
53410HD 56-Earlsville,IA09/11/2022
52462NA DT1-Dallas,TX10/16/2022

Points listed in green background are included in the total.
Points listed in red numbers are not eligible.
Type: HD=Home Div, NA=National Event, OD=Out of Div