Robert Steward

  • ClassTS
  • Registration1768
  • HometownStrasburg , VA
PointsSumTypeEvent code and locationDate
3030HD 11-Rising Sun,MD04/24/2022
3060HD 13-Reading,PA05/29/2022
64124HD 15-Numidia,PA07/10/2022
42166HD 16-Atco,NJ08/07/2022
30196OD 35-Bowling Green,KY08/28/2022
10206NA II1-Indianapolis,IN09/05/2022
30236NA RP1-Reading,PA09/18/2022

Points listed in green background are included in the total.
Points listed in red numbers are not eligible.
Type: HD=Home Div, NA=National Event, OD=Out of Div