Allen Firestone

  • ClassTS
  • Registration4695
  • HometownVelma , OK
PointsSumTypeEvent code and locationDate
4141NA GF1-Gainesville,FL03/19/2017
4182HD 41-Houston,TX03/26/2017
3082HD 42-Belle Rose,LA04/09/2017
30112NA HT1-Houston,TX04/23/2017
30112HD 43-Dallas,TX04/30/2017
41153OD 51-Great Bend,KS06/04/2017
52205OD 53-Topeka,KS07/28/2017
41246OD 54-Topeka,KS07/30/2017
41287HD 46-Noble,OK10/08/2017
52339NA DT1-Dallas,TX10/15/2017

Points listed in green background are included in the total.
Points listed in red numbers are not eligible.
Type: HD=Home Div, NA=National Event, OD=Out of Div