Mark Taliaferro III

  • ClassTAD
  • Registration487
  • HometownOdessa , TX
PointsSumTypeEvent code and locationDate
4343OD 22-Gainesville,FL02/21/2010
4285NA HT1-Houston,TX04/11/2010
31116NA CI1-Chicago,IL06/06/2010
85201HD 42-Houston,TX06/13/2010
43244HD 43-Tulsa,OK06/27/2010
10254NA II1-Clermont,IN09/06/2010
53307NA DT1-Dallas,TX09/26/2010
53360NA LN2-Las Vegas,NV10/31/2010

Points listed in green background are included in the total.
Points listed in red numbers are not eligible.
Type: HD=Home Div, NA=National Event, OD=Out of Div