NHRA Ticketing Frequently Asked Questions
Before sending an e-mail to the NHRA Ticketing Department, please read the following. If your question is not answered, you may send e-mail to nto@nhra.com.

Can I bring a cooler?
Personal sized coolers are allowed. Maximum size 14"x14"x14". No glass or alcohol will be permitted. Please check with the event track for any variation to this policy.

How can I get a pit pass?
Pit passes are included with the purchase price of tickets.

What is the Top Eliminator Club?
"The Best Seats In The House!" The Top Eliminator Club is an event pass that comes with a long list of amenities ranging from breakfast and lunch buffets to private restrooms to an air-conditioned tent with closed-circuit televisions and much more.

What will happen if an event is cancelled due to rain?
Refer to our rain out policy

When will I receive my tickets?
Tickets ordered 10 or more weeks prior will be received 4 to 6 weeks before an event. Tickets ordered after that will be received approximately 2 weeks after the order date. Ticket inquires may be made at nto@nhra.com.

What is the difference between pit side and spectator side?
The pit side is the side of the track where the racers "pit" or are stationed during an event. The spectator side is opposite the pit side.

What is the difference between Reserved General Admission?
A Reserved seat is a specific seat that is yours for the day, when you order in advance you may pick a location and in most cases have the option to renew your seats next year. General Admission will get you admission to the track and seating anywhere in the General Admission area.

Can I bring a camera/camcorder?
Yes. Just a reminder, please be courteous to those around you when filming an event.

Are there camping facilities at or near the track?
With the diversity of each event location camping varies from track to track. Please check our website and corresponding event for more information.