Kandy adds two more races to Smith sponsorship
Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kandy Magazine has extended its sponsorship of Matt Smith Racing rider Angie Smith to a multiple-race agreement encompassing this weekend's event in Atlanta and the upcoming event in Englishtown.

“Based on the success of the initial race sponsorship in Charlotte and the welcoming of the NHRA community, along with the great work ethic of Angie and her crew, made it an easy choice for us to continue the sponsorship,” said Ron Kuchler, president of Kandy Magazine.

“I am ecstatic that Kandy Magazine is expanding their sponsorship with me and this MSR team. This partnership we have been working on fits so well for me and for Kandy. I could not have asked for a better sponsor, and this is a dream coming true before my eyes,” added Angie.

Kandy Magazine also announced that Matt Smith Racing has partnered with BarkAid for an associate-sponsorship program for Angie.

BarkAid’s sole mission is to raise funds for shelters and pet-adoption organizations throughout the entire U.S. BarkAid’s largest fundraiser is the 50 States Tour.

The 50 States Tour was created and made possible by Patrick Lomantini, a master hair stylist and owner of Lomantini The Salon.  Lomantini travels to all 50 states – in 50 continuous days – and does at least 50 haircuts in each state, donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the participating shelter.

“I am grateful for BarkAid coming onboard with us,” said Angie. "I have such a love for animals, and I have two dogs that travel with me all year on the racing circuit. BarkAid is a great organization because they are helping animals find great homes, and I am very honored to be a spokesperson for them.

“BarkAid couldn’t be more pleased than to be partnered with such great friends as Kandy Magazine and Matt Smith Racing,” said Lomantini. “BarkAid through all the awareness the NHRA brings will continue its mission to further inform and hopefully raise funds for homeless animals everywhere. With these partnerships, our strategy will be stronger and faster than ever.”