New Tree implemented for NHRA Four-Wide Nationals
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The new-look Tree for the four-wide event. In this example, Lanes 1-3 are pre-staged, and Lane 4 is fully staged.
In this example, all four drivers are fully staged on the new-look Tree and waiting for the lights to flash.

Fans are counting down the days to 28,000 horsepower and the 2nd annual NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, April 14-17 at zMAX Dragway, and NHRA officials are adding to the excitement by implementing a new starting-line Christmas Tree.

Because zMAX Dragway is essentially two tracks built side by side with a center wall separating the two all the way to the top end, each track will have the new Christmas Tree fitted with four specially designed LED pre-stage/stage units, which will indicate the pre-stage/stage position of drivers in all four lanes (from left to right).

Instead of the usual separate pre-stage and stage bulbs, the new Tree will include one row of four LED lights to indicate the pre-staging and staging of the cars in all four lanes. During pre-staging, the top half of each LED light will light up, and during staging, all four LED lights will light up entirely, indicating the position of drivers from left to right in all four lanes.

Tickets are on sale for the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at zMAX Dragway April 14-17. Nitro fans can buy two tickets to any day for only $60 and receive a choice of a free upgrade: two event hats, two event shirts, two beer vouchers, or two Coca-Cola soft drinks and two hot dogs. To purchase tickets by phone, call the zMAX Dragway ticket office, 800-455-FANS (3267).