Division 1 regains top spot in JEGS Allstars
Saturday, June 05, 2010

For the third time in the last four years, the team from Bob Lang’s Northeast Division (Division 1) claimed the overall team title at the JEGS Allstars. Following a heated battle, the teams from Divisions 1 and 5 finished in a dead heat with 1,300 points each. Using the tiebreaker procedure, the win went to the Division 1 squad, which has now won seven championships in the 26-year history of the JEGS Allstars competition. The Division 6 team finished third with 1,000 points.

Given the level of talent in the field, it was no surprise that the competition remained close throughout the three-round race. After round one, there was a tie between Divisions 1,2, 5, and 6 at 600 points each. The Divisions 3 and 4 teams were close behind with 500 apiece, and the Division 7 team was far from out of the mix with 400. Once the semifinal round was in the books, Division 5 moved into the lead with 1,100 points and had five members remaining, and Division 1 had 1,000 points with four drivers remaining. In the crucial finals, the Division 1 team put three racers into the winner’s circle, and Division 5 scored twice, resulting in a tie.

Leading the way for Division 1 were the incomparable Frank Manzo, who collected his record eighth Top Alcohol Funny Car win at the Allstars race, Joe Santangelo, who scored in Super Stock, and Jason Kenny, who earned the Super Gas title.

Manzo, who has not been beaten this year in 13 rounds, stopped Division 2’s Mickey Ferro in the final, 5.56 to 5.59. Kenny chipped in with a 9.91 to 9.87 final-round win over Division 6’s Mark Resen in Super Gas, and Santangelo scored perhaps the biggest blow when he topped Division 5 racer Justin Jenkins in the Super Stock final.

The stars for the Division 5 team were Michael Miller, who won the Super Comp title over Division 3 racer Josh Gnandt, and Steve Domingues, who was the victor in Super Street after topping Ray Todd of Division 4.

Jim Whiteley claimed the lone victory for the Division 7 team when he stopped Division 6 racer Shawn Cowie in the Top Alcohol Dragster final, 5.37 to 5.42. Defending Comp champ Bruno Massel, who returned as a blocker, drove his turbocharged Cobalt to a second straight Comp title over Division 1’s Frank Aragona, and Division 6 rep Mark Faul wheeled his ’69 Chevelle to the Stock title when he defeated Division 3 racer Chris Stephenson in the final.

Keith Raftery and Ray Miller were crowned the inaugural champions in Top Sportsman and Top Dragster, respectively. Raftery, the Division 4 representative, topped Division 5’s Josh Vettel in the final, and Miller, of Division 2, downed Clarence Mayo of Division 5.

All of the champions will be eligible to return to next year’s event, and any driver who can also claim a win in tomorrow’s final eliminations will be eligible for a double-up bonus from JEGS. 

Top Alcohol Dragster
Jim Whiteley, 5.370, 265.48 def.
Shawn Cowie, 5.429, 260.16.

Top Alcohol Funny Car
Frank Manzo, Monte Carlo, 5.568, 258.47 def.
Mickey Ferro, Monte Carlo , 5.599, 256.02.

Bruno Massel, Cobalt, 7.101, 192.44 def.
Frank Aragona Jr., dragster, 8.225, 161.02.

Super Stock
Joe Santangelo, Camaro, 10.351, 124.35 def.
Justin Jenkins, Cobalt, 9.760, 132.22. 

Mark Faul, Chevelle, 11.851, 106.26 def.
Chris Stephenson, Buick, 12.758, 99.74.

Super Comp
Michael Miller, Dragster, 8.906, 163.18 def.
Josh Gnandt, Dragster, 8.964, 166.72.

Super Gas
Jason Kenny, Corvette, 9.914, 149.18 def.
Mark Resen, Chevy, 9.875, 149.23.

Super Street
Steve Domingues, Camaro, 10.899, 141.11 def.
Ray Todd, Chevy II, 10.888, 130.47.

Top Dragster
Ray Miller, dragster, 6.806, 194.38 def.
Clarence Mayo, dragster, 6.901, 193.63.

Top Sportsman
Keith Raftery, Corvette, 6.792, 200.05 def.
Josh Vettel, Stratus, 7.041, 194.02.

Final points standings
Division 1 1,300*
Division 5 1,300
Division 6 1,000
Division 2 900
Division 4 800
Division 3 700
Division 7 600
*won title via a tie breaker