Englishtown: The start of our three-race Swing

13 Jun 2017
Amanda Matusek
On the Run: Aeromotive Racing
Pro Mod

Pro ModEnglishtown is the first of a three-race swing for Pro Mod, so June is a busy month for the Agave Underground/Aeromotive team. The Thursday night of race weekend was a team dinner and we went to Outback Steakhouse. One tradition this year, apart from the team dinner, is taking bets on what the top qualifier and bump spot times will be. It costs $10 total -- $5 for betting on the top qualifier and $5 for betting on the bump spot. We get pretty into it.

The race started off pretty well. My dad, Steve, driver of the Aeromotive Camaro, ended up in the 12th spot with a 5.847 at 250.97 mph. Danny Rowe, who drives the Corvette, ended up 9th with 5.827 at 249.07 mph. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out as well for them. Danny lost to Khalid AlBalooshi in round one and my dad lost against Stevie Jackson in round two. 

Pro ModDuring the race, we tuned into both the Saturday and Sunday live shows on the TV in our pits. When the live show switched over to the Royals baseball game on Saturday, we kept it on. My parents and I are from K.C., as is one of my dad’s crew guys, so we were cheering for the Royals. They pulled out a win against the Padres, 12-6.

Overall, it was a decent weekend for the Agave Underground/Aeromotive team and we’re ready to head to Bristol and go more rounds.