The world keeps spinningWednesday, July 02, 2014
Posted by: Jim Yates
Ryan graduates
Happy birthday Toni!
Jim, Melissa, and family
Alli and Jon

Greetings to all of my faithful blog readers out there – I know…it's been a while since I have written anything and first off I want to thank all of you for your patience! I am going to try very hard to be more diligent about posting blogs in a timelier manner. Of course, at the moment, I am not racing every weekend so I really don't have any excuses about being too busy – right?

Some of you may be asking yourselves why I am not racing in Norwalk right now, but if you have been listening to the NHRA coverage since Epping and read all of the social media venues you already know that the McGaha racing team and I have parted ways.

It has been a very interesting season so far and I appreciate all of the opportunities that the McGaha family has afforded me, however, sometimes things just don't work out the way we would all like and it soon became apparent that it was time for all of us to move in a different direction.  I wish them all the best with the rest of their season.

On a more positive note, I am really not ready to retire so once again I will be waiting for that next door of opportunity to open – you never know where I may land next but I am confident that I will be out there before I can finish all the things that Toni has put on my "honey-do" list - and that list has been accumulating for quite a while.

So what has the Yates family been up to since my last blog? Well, in between the hectic race schedule we have celebrated birthdays for Toni's dad, Jamie, and Toni, visited Melissa, Joey and Lena May in Charlotte, watched Ryan graduate from Pre-school, enjoyed a quick weekend get-a-way to Skyline Drive with Toni's dad, enjoyed Ryan, Maia and our family as much as we could – other than that we haven't done much at all!

We got to visit Melissa during the Charlotte race, again after the Bristol race and Toni went down again while I was racing in Houston. Nicolina is growing up so fast and we enjoy every minute that we get to spend with her (oh – Melissa and Joey too!!!)

Of course Ryan and Maia are so much fun and we are so very blessed to be a part of their daily lives. Ryan starts kindergarten in the fall – I can't believe he is going to school already!!! Maia starts Preschool in the fall and both of the kids are so excited – wow, where has the time gone? They have been visiting Cynthy's family in NH for the past couple of weeks and boy do I miss those little guys! What's a Poppop to do without the grandbabies around to spoil?

This weekend – July 4th - we come together to commemorate the day (238 years ago) that the United States of America was born. Did you know that July 4th is the most popular holiday for grilling and that (according to the history of Independence Day) Americans consume about 155 million hotdogs on that day and that more than 14,000 firework displays will fill our skies on Friday night? Just a little trivia to share with you.

Including myself, most of us associate Independence Day with parades, cookouts, picnics, family gatherings and of course the wonderful firework displays, but July 4th is also a day where all American's can stop and give thanks for the freedom and liberties that we all enjoy today as a result of the battles fought by that first generation of today's Americans. How awesome is that?

So what are your plans for the holiday weekend? I'm not sure what Toni and I will do. Most of our family is out of town and since today is Jon and Alli's 3rd wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary Jon and Alli!!!) I don't know if they are going to spend a weekend home or away. I think it just might be one of those weekends that if I can mark off some of the things on that ever growing "honey-do" list Toni and I will just wing it and celebrate where ever the notion takes us.

Thanks so much for checking back with me – Happy Independence Day to all of you! Stay safe, be happy and God Bless the USA!!!!