Time flies ...Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Posted by: Jim Yates

OK, I think that I have given a new meaning to "time flies when you are having fun!" I mean it seems like just yesterday that this Harlow Sammons race team had just left for Pomona and Phoenix and tomorrow I head to zMax Dragway in Concord for the Four-Wide Nationals. I can't believe that we have already completed four races this year.

To say that our new team has had an exciting year so far is an understatement. With all new equipment, a new engine program, a new racecar and basically a new crew working together, we have had quite the learning curve to overcome in a very short period of time and I couldn't be prouder of all that we have accomplished so far this season.

Chris has been doing a great job in adapting to his new Chevrolet Camaro, Big Al and Scott are working non-stop in the engine shop to keep our Mike Edwards power plants running strong, JM our IT guy is always busy solving some kind of technical problem for me and Lester, Chris, Al, Steve and I are doing our best to keep this Harlow Sammons Camaro running as fast as we can. We were so excited when we qualified on the pole in Phoenix – it was the first pole for this young team and well deserved.

Again, in Vegas, we tied Jeg for the pole but ended up No. 2 based on speed. However, the weekend was still a huge success as Chris did an awesome job driving to his first semi final finish of the year – losing a double red light to eventual race winner – Erica Enders. All-in-all I think we had a pretty good outing and now we are looking forward to getting to Charlotte where Chris gets to race in his first "four-wide".

Charlotte is always one of my favorite tracks for more than one reason. ZMax Dragway is a first class facility with a great fan base situated in a beautiful part of the country. Of course I am a little partial because Melissa, Joey and Lena May live close by and Toni and I get to stay and visit with them while we are in town. Toni and I always try to add an extra day or so to our stay so that we can catch up with everyone but more importantly we love spending time with little Lena!

Recently, Melissa and Lena came home for a short visit and it was so much fun to have all three grandkids together. They are all growing so fast and we just love every minute that we can enjoy with them. Ryan is now 5, Maia is 3 and Lena is already 14 months old! Speaking of time flying!

Other than traveling, racing and working around the shop things have been pretty quite around the Yates family. We have been trying to catch up on all of the birthdays in the family on our weekends off, celebrating Cynthy, Alli and Jon's and looking forward to Joey, Jamie and Toni's Dad's birthday in the upcoming weeks. I think I could definitely use a couple of extra weekends in the year to enjoy more family get-togethers! Just saying!

Tomorrow we leave for Charlotte and I can't wait. The "four-wide" is always an exciting race for everyone – especially the drivers. Because of the unusual format it is fast paced and keeps even the most experienced driver on his toes but it always proves to be a favorite race among the many fans in attendance. This Harlow Sammons team is looking forward to their first "four-wide" and maybe making it to their first final round appearance! Now that's what I am talking about! Thanks so much for checking in and if you are at Zmax this weekend please stop by the McGaha pits and say hi!