Going non-stopTuesday, May 29, 2012
Posted by: Jim Yates

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend – I know that we did. Since my last blog we have been on a non-stop schedule. It started with 2 great days of testing in St. Louis, followed by a great showing in Topeka. Not only did AJ put his Mopar Dodge on the pole, but he also won the race! How awesome is that? I’m not going to give you any details on the race – I’ll let AJ tell you all about it in his blog, but I will say that I am so proud to be part of such a great, hard-working team!

Toni and I flew home on Monday after the race and spent much of the week catching up on our real estate projects, our home projects and even made some plans for Toni’s birthday/Memorial Day weekend.

We started our weekend with a sleepover with Ryan and Maia and then they helped us get ready for a Saturday cookout with the family. I mean who can’t use the help of a 1 ½ year old and 3 ½ year old to help plan a birthday get together? It was so much fun. We got to play outside, play in the pool, go for walks, and oh yeah we did have a great cookout/birthday party too, complete with cupcakes, presents, and lots of family. Only Melissa and Joey missed the festivities because they were at the Charlotte Sprint Cup race, but we took lots of pictures to share with them.

On Sunday Toni and I headed out to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the boat at National Harbor. I knew I was in trouble when Toni loaded up the bikes and all of the gear, but since it was her birthday weekend, I could hardly complain. Besides after the last weekend of yard work how bad could a little bike ride be – right?

When we arrived at the boat the first thing on the agenda was to give the Finishline a good cleaning, which only took us about 3 hours. After that we decided to take a “short” bike ride to Alexandria and back. I said short right? Well 11 miles is a short ride I was told!

On Monday we decided to ride our bikes a “little further.” We rode through Old Town Alexandria, watched the planes land at National Airport, and before we knew it we had the Washington Monument in sight. We rode all around D.C., visited the WWII Memorial and Vietnam Memorial, rode by the museums the other monuments and just enjoyed all of the Memorial Day festivities that were going on. Luckily we did get to stop for a quick bite to eat before we decided to head back to the boat. Toni checked her bike tracker and it informed us that we had already ridden 15 miles. Now, I’m a numbers guy and I had already figured out that if it was 15 miles to D.C., it would be at least that to get back. Oh boy.

At this point I must tell you that riding down to D.C. wasn’t so bad but then a few hours later with 90-degree temps and a tired pair of legs it wasn’t near as much fun peddling back to the boat. I offered to find us a cab with a bike rack but Toni wouldn’t hear of it. The good news is that we made it back with no problems – thankfully the last couple of miles are all downhill! Once we were back on the boat resting our weary bodies Toni told me that we had ridden a total of 31 miles, which means that I clocked 42 miles of bike riding in less than 24 hours. Now if that isn’t a great birthday present to give someone I don’t know what is!

While I was sitting on the back of the boat resting I noticed that the Finishline was in need of a good coat of wax – Toni thought I was nuts. It was still afternoon and I had to do something so I told her that I was going to relax and wax on my boat. She must have felt really sorry for me because she started helping and before we knew it we had the entire back of the boat waxed and polished. It was then that she threw down her towel and said that she was quitting for the day. Ok, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea.

Well, today has been a busy day as I have been trying to get things ready for Englishtown. Mark and I have been talking and are coming up with a game plan for what looks like may be a much cooler weekend. AJ won this race last year, and we would like nothing better than to have a repeat performance.

I guess I better get this blog posted and get back to work. I hope you all have a great week and I hope many of you get to attend the Englishtown race. Until next week this is “Lance” Yates signing off!