Ready for my first four-wideMonday, April 09, 2012
Posted by: Hillary Will, Dote Family Racing

Hello NHRA racing fans! Tomorrow we’re heading southeast to the 4 Wide Nationals at ZMax Dragway in North Carolina. It’s the second race of the season for our Dote Racing team. Before I start packing, I thought I would give you a quick update.

I am really looking forward to this race. It’s the first time I’ve ever competed in the four-wide format. I’ve watched from the grandstands near the finish line and I thought it was so cool to experience 32,000 horsepower roaring down the track. Now I get to pilot one of the four nitro cars roaring down the track, and I’m so excited. I’ll admit I’m also a little nervous. I’ve been racing two-wide for about 15 years so it’ll be a little bit of an adjustment. I know that I have a really terrific team who gives me a great car so that helps ease my nervousness.

Our Dote Racing team had a successful first race in Gainesville last month. For our first run of the year, we went 3.91 which was exactly what our crew chief, Doug Kuch, said he wanted to run. I didn’t hear over the P.A, but apparently we held the number one spot for a majority of the session. We improved to a 3.84 in our second session which ultimately allowed us to hold on to the number nine spot going into race day. Everyone on our Dote Racing team was pleased with our qualifying efforts. There’s a lot of tough competition in top fuel and we’re able to run with the best of them. Unfortunately, we lost first round to Spencer Massey and the Fram team, but for our first race, we are pleased. Our car is going down the track consistently. I know that our team is going to continue to get better and better. The Dote Family gives us everything we need to be competitive and win races. Doug Kuch and the guys are a smart, hard-working group so I know we’re going to be successful. I absolutely love our team and I’m so excited about our future.

We have a tremendous amount of fan support which means so much to our team. We put up a fan flag in Gainesville and we’re thankful to everyone who signed it. It’s now hanging in our shop in Monroe, OH. We will have a banner similar to this at all of our races so I hope all our supporters will stop by and sign it and say hello.

As always, I’ll be updating my Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the race week –pending Internet connections at the track. My twitter handle is @HillaryWill and on FB, I have an official fan page. I’ll try to post pictures and update you on what’s happening with our team as often as possible. After the race, you can go to www.DoteRacing.com to see pictures and read my post-race update. Diana Dote takes great pics throughout the weekend that we post on our website.

Also, please stop by Dave and Busters on Saturday night, 4/14, at the Concord Mills Mall at 7:30 p.m. We’re having a “tweetup” organized by John Amorosano, aka @nitrojohn. A “tweetup” is not officially in the dictionary yet, but it might be in the future. I get some funny looks when I talk about it; in case you’re wondering, it’s where people who communicate together via Twitter actually get together and meet in-person. Other drivers attending are Alexis Dejoria, Blake Alexander, and Terry McMillen. We welcome anyone who wants to attend. And you don’t even have to even be on Twitter.

Well I better start packing. I can’t wait to get to ZMax Dragway and get racing again. I know my Dote Racing teammates have been working hard since the last race. We are ready to do some winning! Please keep cheering for us and I’ll update again soon .