A really great monthTuesday, April 15, 2014
Posted by: Jenna Haddock

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I have been having such a great month I figured I would sit down and write my blog. So the last time I wrote I was just arriving to the Phoenix race. That race didn’t go the way we were hoping but it is a learning process. When my dad had his heart attack we weren’t as focused on the car as we should have been and we just kept having problems. It was like no matter what we did we just kept having mistakes. Since then it has been crazy busy. All of our guys try so hard and if one guy isn’t there or at full capacity the team suffers.

We were originally going to be announcing a major sponsor prior to the Houston race. However, because we couldn’t get everything completed to be at the level with Schumacher and the other high profile teams we have chosen to hold off. You can’t imagine how hard it is to get all of the items completed and hire people.

We have officially hired one of our guys as a full-time employee. This is a big step for us. We are ready to move forward and we felt what better way than taking one of the guys who has been with us for three seasons and give him the opportunity. Jeremy has been there for us when things were bad and now that they are good so we are happy to have him. Now it’s just time management. We are not use to having people in our shop and we want to make sure we utilize him to the fullest. I believe that our team will be able to be more consistent and do a better job.

So in the last few weeks I have been busy personally. I turned 30 on the first of the month and while most people run from getting older I am embracing it. I am sure that will stop at some point. Terry and I went to see Kailen that week and had a great time. We went roller skating which he is learning so well. He still falls but so does everyone else. We also went to this place called Elevated Sports and jumped on all these trampolines. We miss him so much when we are not altogether. We will be going to see him for Easter. We are looking forward to that so we can all be together. Because of the distance and the expense it is not all that often that we all get to go.

Since I turned 30 I figured it was time to start getting in shape. There is a group of NHRA women including wives, mothers, sisters that are going to run a half marathon at Disneyland at the Pomona Finals weekend. I have never run long distances and it would not be something I would normally pick. However, Terry and I talked about it and we decided that it’s time for us to make a change. We have been eating better for 6 months and while we feel better we know we need to do more. Now along with this half marathon there is a chance I will have a sponsor for that event. It will make for a long weekend but I am excited to do this with an amazing group of women including my mother. Side note we are dressing up as superheroes because it is the Disney Avengers race. Braiden wants me to have a cape and I believe I will have a tutu too! It will be fun!

Speaking of Braiden he turned 5!!!! That is just crazy to me. I can’t believe I have been a mom for 5 years and how he has changed from when he was born to how he is now. He has such an amazing personality and is very athletic. I feel like he is a bull in a china shop most of the time and then he will come over and cuddle on the couch! He is playing t-ball again and is just getting started for the season. I can’t believe how often they practice! He is doing really well. They have him on the pitcher’s mound which is funny since they hit off a T.

In the shop we have been putting out blocks left and right. Needless to say the shop is moving forward. We have also been working very hard on our car. We have purchased a Toyota body. We are hoping it will help us be more competitive. Our Dodge is very heavy and when I say very heavy I mean it weighs 325 pounds. It is said that for every 100 pounds taken off the car it helps by a tenth of a second. So our 4.21 in Pomona could have been a mid to high teen depending on what the weight comes in at on the new body. It will be painted black for the Houston event and hopefully will be full of color by the next race! Well see everyone in less than two weeks! We are finally finishing my license the Monday after the Houston event… WOOHOO! Have a great week and see you soon!