The Big Gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Posted by: Terry Haddock

How crazy the last week has been but of course it was Indy so would we expect anything less. After testing Terry and I flew home for a few days and then he went and visited McKailen. Before he went we got to spend most of the weekend together and it was nice just to hang out. We then met up in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning and started our long week. All of our guys arrived late Wednesday and Thursday morning so it was just Terry and I to set up the pit and we got the car teched too. We felt that was a successful day seeing that for Indy the teching process is always much longer and you have to go up by the scales. They make the teching process more strenuous when they have the amount of cars that were there. I mean 24 dragsters that is a lot!

So Thursday we worked hard and got everything prepared for the weekend. After testing we really felt like we had a car that was going to go. The first run on Friday it went out and shook. It gave us the information we needed for Saturday. Then in Q2 it went a little further and then smoked the tires. Finally on Q3 it made it down the track. It ran a 4.43 and while it wasn’t the fastest it went from A to B with no problems and gave us somewhere to go with it. Then in Q4 it went out and ran a 4.33 so that was an improvement. With that run Terry was very happy but he decided we needed to switch motors. So we did. I am so proud of our team. We finished building a short block and got it in the car and went up for Q5. So excited we ran a 4.27 I was jumping up and down on the starting line and I am sure that people thought I was crazy considering we didn’t qualify. This is terry’s best run to 1000 foot. The car has run faster when Densham drove but now this is Terry’s best. Although we didn’t qualify our team really turned a corner and I know the next race we are going to move up and get better. We are determined to run a teen by the end of the season. We have also looked at the body of our car compared to other teams that run a Toyota and we realized they all have a different latch on the body. The other teams look like a flag that is even with the front of the body. So we are thinking that because the body slopes back so far that our 60 foot times are slower then they should be.

Along with the very long week in Indy, McKailen started school the Wednesday after. So terry has gone to visit him for the weekend. He is really having fun. However, he was a little disappointed that they don’t play as much as he did when he was in pre-school. It seems like he is enjoying it though. We are looking forward to seeing how far he will progress this year.

This week is going to be a busy one. I have taken all of the clutch discs and floaters out of the trailer. We have decided that we needed to inventory everything that we have. I also took all of the racks apart so that we can service them. Now that we are getting our car back in order we don’t want to have any parts failures. While I am sure that there are still people who think we supply our car with “less then favorable” parts I want to assure everyone that our car is getting really great parts.

One last side note, we are in the process of creating a sale page on our website for autographed parts and also apparel. It should be up in the next few weeks. I am very excited about this. Go to

Hope everyone has a great week at Charlotte and we can’t wait to see everyone in Dallas. Since it is the closest race to home we are really looking forward to it. Good luck and be safe!!!!