Atlanta was a blastThursday, May 29, 2014
Posted by: Angie Smith

We are a couple of races into the season and Scotty and John are doing well. Matt has had a few issues with his program but after testing in Richmond on Friday he has it all figured out. The last couple of weeks have been crazy and busy. When we got home from Charlotte we had three out of four motors were not up to par. They had a little something wrong with them. We got them all fixed up for Atlanta. We strolled down to Atlanta on Wednesday night. On Thursday Matt and I enjoyed the evening at the World of Coke with all the past NHRA Champions. What a great night they had for us. We had an awesome hotel room at the W, which is one of my favorite hotels. All of the girls got to end the night with a shopping spree from Coke. I always get to stock up on all my cute little t-shirts and glasses for the house.

The Atlanta race was a blast for me. All of the Kandy girls were in attendance along with their supervisors.  I also got to sport my brand new pink and chrome Vanson leathers racing suit. Man is it bad to the bone. I am in love with it honestly. Vanson Leathers always makes the best. We added an associate sponsor to our Kandy bike for the Atlanta and Englishtown race. You really need to check it out. It’s the Barkaid foundation. Barkaid raises money for pet adoption agencies and shelters. As all of you know I love dogs so much. Many of you will see me at the racetrack running around with my racing suit on and walking our two dogs. They travel everywhere with us and I love them so much. My dog Sam always makes me feel better if I have had a bad run down the racetrack. He can usually sense when something is wrong with me. Animals are so awesome and I am very fortunate to be teaming up with BarkAid folks.

Finally my win light came on in my lane. I knew on Sunday in Atlanta I had a pretty tough opponent. Actually all of the bikes that are showing up on raceday Sunday or Monday for Atlanta are tough. You better bring your “A” game. I had to unpack mine for first round. Not only did I need to make an awesome pass but I had to chop the tree down. I did both. I wasn’t in my favorite lane of the weekend but I made the best of it and got the win light. Matt was pretty happy I won also. Second round was fun. It was me and Johnny Hall as I call him. I really like to talk junk to him about racing and Bobby told him to get out of the trailer and stay away from me. John just likes to race and no talking smack. So when we went up to race Bobby looked over to see if I was ready to start and I gave him a big ole wink. I knew he wanted to laugh but I got absolutely no expression from him. Then when John staged I held him out a bit. That’s what great teammates do. I tried to throw him off a little but he was flying all weekend and I didn’t have anything for him. He went on to the semi’s and did great. It was a lot of fun racing John.

We loaded up and headed home and had lots of motors to rebuild for Englishtown. We have been working at the shop non-stop since we got home. We had to get my Kandy Buell tuned up for Englishtown. I love racing in Englishtown. I actually raced Outlaw Pro Street there. Very fun and fast track and I know it will be fast this weekend. With temperatures in the 70’s all you fans may see history for the record books.

Matt will be sporting his flashy beautiful NitroFish bodywork for the Englishtown event and I will be sporting my sweet looking blue and pink Kandy Buell with BarkAid. Come by and see us in Englishtown. We are going to try and take all 4 of these bikes to Sunday and through eliminations. I hope one of us is standing in the winner’s circle around 4p.m. on Sunday with a Wally in our hands. I WANT IT TO BE ME!!