It's going to be a hectic IndyMonday, August 29, 2011
Posted by: Angie Smith

I know its been awhile since I wrote a blog. Usually that says that I have been on overload since the West Coast swing. We were home for one week before heading to Brainerd. That week was full of 18-hour days at the shop. With it only being Matt and I that worked at the shop everyday it gets really tough when we have several motors to build. It was so busy that on the day we were leaving we dynoed from 7-12 p.m. that morning. When we were finally happy with the numbers on the dyno then we loaded up and headed to Brainerd.

Brainerd was not a good race for us. We went into the race with a lot of high hopes from myself and Matt. We just missed it on the good session. Usually the “good session” is Saturday morning but it wasn’t. It was the Friday evening pass so we were not where we wanted to be at the end of qualifying. Sunday was no different. When I let the clutch out against LE I had 2 hundredths on him but he passed me before the 60 foot. A 1.11 60 foot doesn’t get you anywhere these days. The bike actually ran well down the back half just lost it all in the front half. Matt red-lighted against Savoie. He gave away his best pass of the weekend at a 6.89 which was 3rd fastest of the round. We packed up again after 1st round. Not only did we have a bad race day but then it continues. We drove all night long to get home. We were 4 hours from home and we lost a wheel. Yes the whole wheel. It was so bad that we couldn’t put a spare on. Broke the spindle and everything. The guys figured out a way for us to get home but only by driving 45mph the whole way. Not only did we get home later than expected but we were only going to be home for 24 hours.

The next 24 hours were so hectic. We had so many things to get done to leave again with addition to the trailer getting fixed. Well I will say 80 percent  of it is done. We are finishing up as we speak. Our schedule is so busy for the next couple of days. We are at Jerry Bickels Race Cars picking up Rickie’s new race car and it is absolutely beautiful. As some of you may have noticed that Rickie’s name is back on the entry list for Pro Mod in INDY. Yes he got cleared by all the doctors to race which was a blessing. He is so ready to get back in the seat of the car. He will be debut his new IDG Camaro. Matt was the fill-in driver for Indy but then when Rickie got released they decided to race two cars. So Matt will be racing the traditional Rickie Smith car and paint scheme and Rickie will be flashy with his new Camaro. Not only will Matt be racing the car but also the bike as well. Matt will also be tuning a bike for myself as well as Michael Ray. We are excited to have Michael Ray join our team for some races. So if you see me or Matt running around at Indy like a mad person there is a reason for it. Everyone please come by and see us at Indy. We love our fans and love to hang out with them.

Until next time….