Update from the Smith householdThursday, July 14, 2011
Posted by: Angie Smith

Rickie had surgery a couple of weeks ago. He is healing up. Rickie is not able to bear any weight on his left leg for 3 months. That’s probably going to be the hardest thing about the recovery. The pain is at a minimal level now. I think the thing that’s the most aggravating is that Rickie can’t go and do everything he is used to doing. The doctor gave him a great evaluation this week so he is on the right track. The plan is for him to attend Indianapolis but not race. Thank you so much for all the caring individuals that have sent us emails, flowers, and phone calls. It’s greatly appreciated!!!

On the Wednesday of the Joliet race Rickie and Matt went testing to get Matthew’s Pro Mod license. The crew on the car was Michael (Matt’s best friend), me, and Tristan. Tommy Lee was there to sign Matthew’s license. Well let’s just say I am so thankful Tommy was there. He helped us out a bunch. Rickie was directing everyone on what to do but the only problem was we didn’t know where anything was in the trailer. Matt had an idea. I packed the parachutes for the car and Michael, Matt and Tommy worked on the car. Rickie did some of the work probably more than he should have. Matt received his Pro Mod license with two runs shutting off around the 1000’ by the end of the morning. He went 6.12 @ 212 and 6.30 @ 202. He did great and I am proud of him.

Matt and I both are currently seeking sponsorship. We have several marketing people working for us. I really hope someone comes through with something very soon. Otherwise we are going to be sidelined for the remainder of the year. Matt is doing awesome this year with 1 win, 1 runner up, and a few semifinal runs. He is currently 3rd in point standings. For a very small amount of money someone can partner up with us and have a great run for this Full Throttle Championship. If anyone is interested or know anyone that might be interested please feel free to contact us at mattsmithracing@yahoo.com.

Here is a funny story from the race this past weekend in Joliet.

Matt goes up to race LE Tonglet in the semifinals. Matt lost the close race. I turned the corner to the staging lanes to find that I couldn’t find the golf cart. I remember where I parked it I thought. So I walked all the way down to the last golf cart and back up to not find it again. I thought I was losing my mind. I made another lap down and back to see if I had overlooked it. NOTHING!! Ok now I was in a frantic state. The ONLY set of motorhome keys was in the golf cart locked up. I made my final and 3rd lap down and back to find no golf cart. All of the guys had gone down to get Matt at the end of the track. So I went up to the tower and told them my golf cart was missing. They immediately got on the radios to put a search out for our golf cart. I was “flippin’ out” because of the keys. All I could think of is how we were going to get in the motorhome and how happy my husband was going to be. NHRA called the police and all the NHRA officials were looking for our golf cart. I started walking back to the trailer. Still no one has checked on me to see where I am. I finally hitched a ride with some folks on a golf cart. We were passing Pro Stock car and I almost jumped off the golf cart I was on. I saw our golf cart. A sigh of relief. It was parked at Vincent Nobile’s pit area. I ran over and said Thank God I found my golf cart. Everyone kinda looked at me strangely. I told them I had reported our golf cart stolen. The guys started conversing between themselves trying to figure out who drove the golf cart up. The name Irene got brought up several times. They got Irene out of the truck and asked her if she drove it up. She did. She thought it was Allen Johnson’s golf cart. She said I have the keys to it. I said my keys fit it to. It was a simple mistake and now something for John to give her a hard time about.

We drove over to our pit area and the NHRA officials were there telling Matt that his golf cart got stolen when I drove up on it. I briefly told him the story and took Irene to get their golf cart. It’s a funny story now but I was in a severe panic at the moment.