Our new additionMonday, April 09, 2012
Posted by: Shane Gray, Gray Motorsports Camaro
The Camaro on the way to our Gray Motorsports shop

Sitting in our new Service Central Camaro for the first time

We've been waiting a long time for this, and it finally happened. We finally got our new Chevy Camaro, and oh, boy is it ever a good lookin' car.

After Vegas, Jason and Jep drove the rig right over to Jerry Haas' shop to pick it up. I think we're all excited about it, and this is just what we needed to bring our spirits up. The guys were sending us pictures of the Camaro as they were loading it up, and it started getting more and more exciting. They put a motor in it, got all the linkages set up, and made sure everything was good to go, and then they got back on the road. They got to the shop on Wednesday night, and me and Amber went down there to see it because we just couldn't wait.

You know how pictures are – they just couldn't do it justice because it's such a beautiful car, and Jerry Haas did a stand-up job on that thing. The detail work on it is really nice. I got in it for a minute and checked it out from the inside, and you know what? I think it might even be a little bit better to see out of than the GXP.

Now we're making sure everything is like we like it, all the nuts and bolts are tight, all the weight is in place on it, and get her ready to test on Monday after the Charlotte race. I'm ready to make the change soon, and I feel pretty certain that we'll have the Camaro out at the Houston race.

I know I promised you guys some pictures from Taylor's birthday, so here they are. We had a little party for him before I left and took him to the NASCAR Hall of Fame with a few friends and Amber's mom and dad, and then when we were in Vegas racing, Amber put together something fun for him and his friends at the House of Trampolines. She sent me these pictures, and it was good to get to see him with his little buddies. They had a good time. It wasn't all fun though, Taylor got hurt on his bicycle and broke his wrist, but he's up and running 90 mph again. Of course it didn't faze him a lick.

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Happy Birthday, Taylor
We're getting ready for the race in Charlotte, and that's pretty much a home race for us. It'll sure be nice to sleep in my own bed. Four-wide racing is definitely something different, and you know I can think of a lot worse things than racing four-wide once a year. Bruton Smith has given us some very class-act, top quality racing facilities, and we'll see what we can do in the Service Central Pontiac at this one.

We'll be wearing Tire Kingdom scheme this weekend, and don't forget to stop by and say hi and get one of our hero cards so you can use the tear-off coupon at your local Tire Kingdom, Merchant's Tire & Auto Center, NTB, or Big O Tires store. That's a neat deal there, and the coupon is good for a discount on an oil change and tire rotation. We'll see you at zMAX Dragway on Friday.