Busy start to the yearSunday, February 26, 2012

Just got back from our Phoenix race and got settled in at home, it is getting a little nuts around here because my son Caden just started his Little League baseball season and Taylor is headed to Dallas for their next Cheer competition.

We had a very good start at the Winternationals in Pomona with a good qualifying run and then going to the semifinals, and while you surely want to win the first race, you don’t want to start the year off with a not-so-good Winternationals. We qualified great and won a very tough 1st round race with teammate Matt Hagan, and then went all the way to the semifinals where we lost a very close race to Mike Neff and our Winternationals was over.

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SX racer James Stewart and his family with Antron and I
Pomona is always a great race, and like most times we race there, we had a bunch of very cool guests this year with SX great James “Bubba” Stewart and his family coming out for the whole day of qualifying. We had Barry Weiss from “Storage Wars” come by on Sunday, my buddy and overall crazy XGamer Ronnie Renner hung out and tried to steal my ride. A new friend Ben Carey (guitarist for band Lifehouse) couldn’t get enough nitro and came back for a couple of days in Pomona.

This year was a pretty quick week between Pomona and Phoenix and for me I just drove down I-5 and parked our coach in our storage lot and then unpacked, packed again and hopped in my car and headed out.

The nice thing about this time of the year is the races being somewhat close for me because once the season starts kicking in after Gainesville it’s is a bunch of travel for me since I live in California .This year was a good example because after Pomona I hopped in my car and drove up to the L.A. area and picked up Dr. Donny and Tommy DeLago and the three of us hit I-10 Eastbound and Down to Phoenix to try and meet up for dinner with Phoenix Bob Kuhar for our first corporate meeting of a joint clothing venture we have together at a great restaurant in Chandler called Loco Patron.

Then the next morning I headed south a little bit to join NAPA Auto Parts and a huge group of their finest customers for a golf outing, I know… sounds like hard work. We got up early on Friday and did my annual visit to Phoenix rock station KUPD the Morning Sickness show with Holmberg and Brady and this year we had the comic Frank Caliendo pop into the studio spur of the moment and it turned into a pretty good time.

The weekend brought some warm and dry conditions, but the track was tricky and fast if you got it figured out. We didn’t qualify as well as we wanted to, and it put us up against a very tough car with Cruz.

We won that race without lane choice, one of the benefits of having the “the General” leading our NAPA Auto Parts team. We lost a second round race with Neff again (hope this trend ends soon...) and our Phoenix race was over.

One cool thing is that NAPA became the official Firebird Int’l Raceway track sponsor and we had over 3,000 guest during the weekend that NAPA took care of with food and drink and all the nitro they wanted to smell, it was a great time and I always look forward to going back there, and like last year in Pomona, our friend Randy Johnson had such a blast last time that he came out again for the whole weekend and brought out his trick cameras and got some pretty cool shots from the starting line.

We have a couple of weekends off of the NHRA Full Throttle schedule, but as you know it is the time of the year that we race the fabled March Meet race up at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA (http://www.famosoraceway.com/) and once again I will be driving Chuck and Del Worsham’s nostalgia Funny Car. It is the Blue Max car with a Plymouth Arrow body on it now, and of course we will be kicking off the event at Chuys on Wednesday night for the NAPA March Meet kickoff party.

It is a great time, sort of a fun weekend with a lot of the big name crew chiefs and former legendary drag racing stars all hanging out. Where else can you see over 32 5 second 260 mph Funny Cars running the 1/4 mile?

I took the girls to the airport for the big Cheer competition in Dallas that Taylor has, so it is going to be boys weekend with Caden and I. We are going to do all that fun stuff that boys do like paintball, karting, rolling around in the dirt, leaving the toilet seat up.... all that cool fun boys stuff! <grin>

Hope you have a good weekend, don’t forget you don’t have to wait for my blog as you can follow me every hour of the day on Twitter (@NapaRonCapps)

Talk to you soon!