Racing in Pomona, 'working' in HawaiiFriday, December 02, 2011

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Had Skyscrape from Tapout hanging out in our pit area in Pomona on Sunday
I meant to write a short blurb on here the day after our season ended, but as usual the day flew by with having to get us to the hotel in Hollywood for the NHRA awards ceremony and getting all dressed up in our fancy, schmancy clothes for the event that night.

It has really been a fun and a very busy last couple of weeks since Pomona and a bunch of stuff has been going on for me personally with both sponsor commitments and with family stuff and while I wanted to write a short blog on here to stay updated, I would rather wait and do it right and take my time and be able to post some pictures that lets everyone know what is happening in my life away from the track.

We were headed to Pomona last time I blogged, and our NAPA team entered the last race in Pomona as one of the six teams with a chance of being the 2011 Full Throttle world champion and after our win in Las Vegas, we felt very confident that we were going to be in the mix on Sunday in Pomona. Before the race though, we spent the Wednesday night at K1Speed indoor karting in Ontario with some NAPA folks and with my NAPA team. It was a blast and if you want to check out the footage; I mounted a camera on my helmet for ya'll (

The Pomona race was threatened by rain throughout qualifying and we ended up not getting to make the final qualifying run due to the weather. When the field was set we ended up number 10 in the qualifying order. We made our quickest run of the weekend in the opening round and then lost a close race with Robert Hight's team in the quarterfinals. Our NAPA team had another great weekend and on top of that we finished sixth in the Championship points. We had a lot to be proud of at our last race of the season and a lot to be proud of this season, especially to win Vegas and give our team a chance at winning the 2011 championship.

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Shooting commercial in Hilo for local Dodge dealership
I just got back from Hawaii a few days ago because right after the season ended I flew there to do some NAPA Auto Parts appearances for Tim Brown and his great group of people. We shot three commercials that will air in the islands for Brian Kitagawa's NAPA stores on the big island, as well as for his Dodge dealerships and a NAPA commercial for ESPN there. I had a great time with everyone on Hilo, they treated me like family. We also had some appearances on Maui at a couple NAPA stores that Ed Fujinaka owns and on Saturday night we shot a great commercial with Ed and me at Maui Raceway that will be very cool and very funny. We stayed at the drag strip there that night and Ed and the local NAPA folks put on a great VIP event for customers and the NAPA fans there. They said it was the largest turn out that the track has had, which made me feel good.

I flew the family over to Maui after my "work" (shhhh....) was finished on the island and we spent the Thanksgiving week there. Our good friend Cindy took us to a house on the volcano and we spent Thanksgiving with them and their big Hawaiian family. It was a Thanksgiving to remember for sure, great people to spend it with for sure.

We are already planning for 2012 over in Hawaii with Tim and from the sound of it we will be making a few more appearance next year, can’t wait!

I am home this week and then we leave this weekend on the "Cruisin with Capps" fan cruise. It is the sixth annual and I am looking forward to doing...well, doing nothing for a week<grin>.

I am going to fly right to our shop in Indy right after that and get fitted for the new car that Tim and Kim Richards and our NAPA team have put together for next season. I can’t tell you how pumped I am to have Tim Richards calling the shots from the start of the season. He came on this last season halfway through the year and showed us all what kind of future we are going to have together with our NAPA team.

Before you know it, we will be shooting those great NAPA commercials for the year. Spence from NAPA HQ always does a great job making sure that NAPA has the best commercials on the tube and I can’t wait to hear what the ideas for them will be this year!

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